2017 Goals

Courage Goals:
1) Starting in February, keep him in work 3x a week--lunging, riding, groundwork.
2) As circumstances permit, pro training (lesson or pro ride) 4x a month.
3) 5 off-property excursions: trail ride, clinic, lesson, horse show, or just hanging out with friends.

  • WGF with KI
  • GB with CP
  • WSH show

Horse Goals: 
4) Get acclimated to riding second level movements whether on Courage or on school horses.
5) Audit at least three different clinicians.

  • CH with TYV

6) Attend (either as volunteer or competitor) at least three dressage shows.

  • IDF I & II
  • Les Bois Dressage I & II
  • Boise River I & II
7) Ride 10 other horses in a non-toodling capacity.

  • Cocoa
  • Nikki
  • Bowie
  • Royal
  • Hampton
  • Roxie
  • Zoëbird

Meta Goals:
8) Attend 1-2 top level equine sporting events (advanced eventing, grand prix dressage or jumping)

  • Rolex
  • Regionals
9) Train for and complete either a 10k or half marathon, body-permitting.

  • Blerch!
  • And 10k!

10) Do core workouts 1-2x a week ALL YEAR LONG (body permitting).

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