Thursday, June 18, 2009

Going to a Tack Sale Tomorrow

That's right, I need more stuff to clean. Ha!

It's a local sale that I've heard has really ridiculously good deals on tack. I've never been before, and I hate going new places, especially by myself, so I'm dragging Michelle along. I've got a list of things to look for, and I'm hoping for a couple steals.

It does figure that today was the first actually nice day in like two weeks, and I didn't go riding. I had other obligations this morning. Izzy will enjoy her day off, though, and I'll ride her first thing tomorrow morning. The great thing about a tack sale is that they can't possibly care if you smell like horse. It probably gives you paddock cred. (Can the words "paddock" and "cred" go in the same sentence? It seems like I'm incorrectly mixing two distinct subcultures.)

Specifically, I'm looking for a couple of saddle pads so that I can rotate them and keep at least one clean for showing only, a dressage whip, a pair of stirrup leathers, and maybe another pair of riding tights. I'll let you know if I actually find any of those things.

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