Wednesday, August 19, 2009

First Adventure

I made it to our local tack shop, such as it is, to look at consignment saddles. To my very great surprise, they had one that might actually fit in a price range that I might actually be able to afford. This is good. I hate trying things over the internet. They also have a pretty nice trial policy, so I brought it home with me, and we'll try it tomorrow.

I'm not actually sure that I want it to fit. It's a fairly nice brand, but it's very, very old and not terribly well taken care of. I'm emailing with a lady who has a nicer (and more expensive) saddle a few hours away, and I really want that one.

Except I also don't know if that one will fit. I figure that in the meantime, I will see what's around here. I'm also getting set up to do wither tracings and try to work with to see what they have to say. Thankfully, their advice is free. Their saddles are not.

All this, and I start school next week. I have mostly scholarships, but not all. And I just bought my books. I don't know if I can even afford a saddle for a couple months at least. Bareback, anyone?

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