Thursday, January 28, 2010

Confidence Win!

One of the first days I rode Izzy last year, she spooked and I fell off. I hadn't been riding regularly, and it really screwed with my confidence.

Today however, I got on in the neighbor's outdoor arena, walked off, and she spooked like hell itself was coming after her. It was tense, but I stayed on. I wasn't really even in danger of coming off, despite her frantic leaps into the air. Then, we went to work and I got her focused, and the day was fine. So, several things:

1) My goal is for us to compete at training level (in dressage) this summer, maybe starting 1st level in the fall. Our biggest hole right now is the canter, so I'm working it in to our routine more and more.

2) Region 6 championships are here next year, so my goal is to qualify for them at first level. It would be my goal to go, except apparently, that's really expensive and depends on my job situation.

3) My five year goal is to get my USDF bronze medal, which means two scores of 60% or better in first, second, and third level. I've ridden through first before, but this is going to involve a steep learning curve for both myself and Izzy. She can do it. We'll see if I can afford the lessons. ;-)

4) Dressage is great, but I want to jump, too. I'm hoping to have Izzy doing beginner novice by the end of the year and perhaps move up to novice next summer. I haven't clarified my goals here yet because Izzy has never jumped, so it does depend on whether or not she likes it.

And yes, I forgot to check the time again. I do need to do this, because I need to be building her fitness level.

Also, I've started running and working out at home. Hopefully, we'll both be much fitter in a couple months.


  1. What impressive goals. I wish you all the best in achieving them and hope to continue reading about your progress. Good luck at the "homework" too. I've been sticking to a strict workout schedule for 3 weeks now and ALREADY see and most importantly, feel a change. But, my hip started hurting again today (injured it right around the New Year), so I am hoping it doesn't throw me off track, yet again.

  2. Why does it always seem easier to stick to a program getting the horses in shape than ourselves?

    Writing down your goals and especially blogging about them, makes it a bit tougher to let them slip by you. Sorta makes it seem like you have others watching and expecting something as well as your online cheerleading squad.

    Good luck to you both in all aspects of the horseworld you aspire to conquer!

  3. Great set of goals and quite reachable with your determination.

    The big issue is, unfortunately, the finances. Competing can be so expensive these days. If you can manage that, the rest will just fall into place.

    And WELL DONE on the spook ride! It always is a great feeling to sit out something like that and realize you were just fine. And then, to get Izzy focused and working again for you is even better. Neither one of you held on to the fear, and that is fantastic!

    And after the bronze, there is always silver! *VBWG* (Actually, once you master third level, the next levels come much more easily.) Go for it!

  4. Good for you! It's always nerve wracking when a horse throws you, but you're doing the right thing. I firmly believe that the antidote for fear is education. Once you've got the knowledge to do what needs to be done, confidence comes easy.

    Good luck with your goals. They are very reachable. Izzy is a fine mare and you're doing a great job with her. Like Jean said, you'll be surprised how easy dressage gets once you've mastered the basics. I've always believed that second and third level were designed by the Devil!


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