Tuesday, March 16, 2010

At Least There's Always Western Pleasure...

Izzy got her shots on Friday after I rode. She got Saturday off due to a freak snowstorm and it being freezing out. Sunday we just did some basic mounting/dismounting manners style work, mainly because of this:

Yep. The Bubble of Doom was down for repairs over the weekend. Weird, huh? It's way different then this, which is it's usual look.

Note: The above picture was taken several months ago. So, yesterday I got on Izzy without really thinking about it. We walked off. When I picked up the contact on the right rein, Izzy threw her nose to the right and almost fell over she ran back wards so fast. What? Yeah. I didn't really know what to do with that. I'm pretty familiar with her evasions (as I'm sure you all know), but this isn't one I've seen any hint of before.

I decided not to punish it because I knew about the shots and I knew she had a fairly adverse reaction to them. I know it's a bad idea to let a horse who constantly tests authority get away with something like that, but I thought it could be pain related. Cathy came by and watched us a little bit. She agreed that it was probably residual stiffness/soreness from the shot, so Izzy and I had a hacking day. Think really long reins, just plodding around. We did walk/trot stuff on the buckle, but she absolutely couldn't canter. We tried.

So I guess if eventing doesn't work out for us, I can sell her as an appendix western pleasure horse.

A little bit of pain seems to do good things for her, though. She was soooo incredibly mellow today. We were riding during our eventing buddy's lesson, so we did a lot of standing and watching, then going out and doing something, since Irie the halfie is still pretty green. Izzy was a doll. When we were done, I got off and could just cuddle with her. Awww. Her neck was definitely better, but not back to 100% yet, so we played hunters and just went forward on a pretty loose rein. She was lovely.

Here's a picture of her wearing her new boots on a walk we took on Sunday.
PS I loaned my jumping Ansur to my eventing buddy and completely ruined her. Now she wants one, too.


  1. Can I pause for a minute and say that I just visited the Asur website for more info on these saddles. But I couldnt get over this story about the DONKEY/WARMBLOOD cross they have on their home page. Maybe, just maybe since you have something in common (a love for Ansur) you could do an interview with this individual. I have a million and one questions about who breeds a DWB/Donkey! This horse (?) is cute as a button! I want to know more! Get the scoop Sprinks!

  2. Oh, isn't that bad but I used to love those days when the vet would visit for shots too b/c Laz turned into sleepy puppy, I'm a baby safe pony TB mode. I LOVED it..so I know what you are talking about! Caught up on your posts...so interesting about that clinic. Great info! And your saddle looks comfy and treeless?! COOL! I bet Izzy is a fan.

  3. I've never seen a deflated bubble ring! That looks really strange. For a minute I thought you got a huge snow storm but only in that one paddock ;)

  4. Aw, I love hunter hack day. Tucker and I did that several days last week for the same reason -- the pain from his shots was just too much for my delicate little flower to bear... Glad I'm not the only proud owner of a wimp!

  5. NICKU: Um, have you MET my horse?! He IS a Donkey/WB.... hehe, not really, but I promise he could pass for one (and a long-lost elephant uncle).

    Poor Izz! I always tell Granite that he better pep up the step when I start riding him bc I can't afford to buy new western tack and togs! I sense an interesting new blog. Eventer goes Western Pleasure...hehe

  6. Eeek! Miss Proper Warmblood Mare does not want to do WP! The horrors! She would be so embarassed and mortified. ;-)
    It is definitely nice when they're all chill and mellow, though. Gotta love it!

  7. Once after Russell had his spring shots, he was so sore all he would do was rear when I tugged on the lead rope trying to get him to come in from the field. Once I figured it out, I gave him a nice massage and he followed me in on his own--very slowly and gingerly.

    Ah!! The wonder of Ansurs is spreading. Lee posts regularly on the Ansur saddle board at Yahoo and I'm sure she'd be pleased to hear from Pixel's fans.

    Ansurs are available for test rides through distributors all around the US. Check the Ansur site for a rep near you if you are interested.


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