Friday, June 11, 2010


Today was a turnout day. I rode another horse who tends to be challenging before Izzy because Cathy asked me to give her a bit of a tune up. It was fun and went really well, but the wind is super gusty today, and gusty winds make me cranky. I don't know why. Izzy and the other mare I rode are totally fine in the wind. I just hate my hair blowing all over and feeling like I'm going to blow away.

So. Izzy was a total love when I tacked her up. She was sweet and cuddly and her swollen leg actually looked much better. I took her to the arena and she started spooking at random things on the lunge line. I thought, "Huh. I do not want to deal with this in the mood that I'm in." So I untacked her and let her have a merry time running around the arena in nothing but her boots. Then I caught her and took her lovey-dovey self back to her pen. I'm hoping to squeeze a ride in tomorrow instead... we'll see how it goes.

Like my new layout? I'm still playing with it.


  1. I always notice it when my mare is in a really snuggly mood. Because she isn't all the time, sometimes she is a crankypants.
    I think your new layout is really nice. It feels so pretty with the sky blue. I too am redesigning my blog. But I know I'll take forever to get it all done.

  2. I do like your new layout! You both look great in the top picture. Izzy is just gorgeous.
    I know what you mean about wind. If it's really bad, I tend to get annoyed more than it scares or upsets my horse:) Also some of those days I lunge or free-lunge Miles and then just hang with him and let him graze are my favorite.

  3. I like the layout, although my computer was a little "ditzy" on first load.

    You and Izzy look great in the picture. She is a gorgeous girl.

  4. Looking Fancy over here at the SprinklerBandit blog :) I like!

  5. Okay. I have to know, how did you make your picture so it fit the whole way across? I'm having major blog failure at Green n' Green = Black n' Blue.

  6. Denali--I have no idea. I just uploaded and it worked well. Sometimes I try to change the picture and it doesn't work at all. Best of luck!

  7. UGH Denali I have the SAME problem!!! I gave up and went with a header and a pic on the annoying!


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