Friday, October 8, 2010


It has been resolved. The next time I ride, I will pull out the jump tack and do some super-fun work in two point. Then, maybe, I will let Ms. Izzy actually jump over something.

That is, after all, the point of eventing. (Mostly.)

I've been putting it off because 1) she's been doing some fabulous dressage work and we're really starting to click and 2) I don't know a ton about jumping. I feel like I've hit this massive learning curve this year. I used to be a "good" rider, in that I had decent instincts and stayed on well, but I didn't really know much about what I was doing. I sort of thought I did, but I was wrong.

Now that I'm trying to learn to do things the right way, I guess I'm realizing just how much I did wrong.

That's depressing, but it's also a start. I can usually feel when something's "right". I sort of know when Izzy's engaged. I can feel when I'm balanced. I'm working to build up my fitness and strength. I'm figuring out our weaknesses and trying to focus on them. I've been having a blast just doing dressage, but I'm hoping to take some actual jumping lessons this month. To be fair to the instructor and to ensure I'm getting my money's worth, I need to go in just as fit and ready as I can possibly be.

Plus, Izzy looks way cute in jumping tack.


  1. Jumping is fun (at least it was when I used to do it!)! Just relax and enjoy!

  2. I think you're ready to add some little jumps into the mix! Before Tucker and I had a trainer (read: when I had no clue what the heck I was doing) I kept the jumps itty bitty so that if I made a mistake it wouldn't matter. And then I just figured it out by trial and error, so that by the time I could afford to take some lessons he at least had the basic concepts down (though it was still very rough around the edges). You have a great feel for Izzy and if your dressage work is coming along really well, you'll be able to apply those concepts to jumping. It's all about forward and straight, which you've got down. Have fun!

  3. Agreed! Jumping is SO good for young horses brains if nothing else. I think keeping the jumps small at home and finding a great trainer to go see once in a while could add so much to the routine. Keep us posted!

  4. I can SO relate! Back in "the day," I was definitely a much better rider, partly because I rode multiple horses a day, jumped at least twice a week, and was just much stronger and fitter. Now, though, like you, I am realizing that there were a lot of holes in my training. I've been working on my own fitness partly to make myself a more effective rider (there's a whole thread on the COTH eventing forum about this!), and have been doing a TON of reading to further my own riding knowledge. When I have the $$, I too will start taking some lessons.

    I think the fact that you realize you need to improve is a huge step in the rigt direction. So, once you are as strong as you used to be, you will be an even more effective rider than you were when you were younger!

  5. Remember the more we learn the less we know!
    Taking these moments to reflect is what is going to make you a great horse trainer!

  6. I have only set up jumps in the ring a few times because I do not usually ride with an english saddle. But the summer I was setting up jumps with Lilly regularly, she sure had a much better time in the ring. She was less bored, much more engaged. It was like she wanted to jump those jumps! And that made it really fun..that we were both enjoying ourselves.
    When I think back to when I first bought Lilly how little I knew about horses in general, I still shudder!!! Oy vey! So I would not worry about looking back and thinking about how much you have learned. I mean, wouldn't is really stink if after all this time you hadn't learned a thing?? Ugh!
    Ride on, write on! GO TEAM IZZY!!!

  7. Hmmm, seems this is a bug going on. I just realized this weekend HOW LITTLE I know and for sure need to instill the help of a trainer. A real trainer, not the "well this is what I've done" from boarders, etc.
    It's always fun to jump! I MISS IT..take a good leap for me! :)


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