Monday, February 21, 2011

Starting Over

I just deleted my whole blog entry.

Why? It was rambling and not getting to the point. If I'm bored reading it, I figure you probably will be, too.

Here are the highlights:

1) The dressage saddle is working nicely
2) I'm riding Izzy in a dressage saddle with a sidepull (hilarious looking)
3) Wondermare is still having a head tossing conniption about riding
4) The conniption subsides after we've worked for a while

Now, letting the tack whore out.

In light of the head tossing and general facial sensitivity, I want one of these:

It theoretically removes common pressure points and is super comfortable for the horse. I can believe it. Plus, it's a tack related solution, and you know how I love those. ;-) I'm sure it would look amazing on Izzy/in my apparently massive headstall collection.

Basically, it combines what I like about flash nosebands (bit support) with an interesting design, but doesn't crank the horse's mouth shut, which is what I don't like about flashes. I actually think the throatlatch is in a more sensible place, since the conventional location means that either it's too loose to do anything or it's so tight it restricts breathing. And hey, some people dress them up with fancy browbands.

So... it's a thought. I will continue doing research and see how Izzy does today in our first venture back to a bit.

I will also try to remember to get some pictures of Izzy in our ridiculous sidepull setup.

ETA: I thought I made the picture into a link. Apparently not. For anyone interested, it's a Rambo Micklem Competion Bridle and can be found here, among other places.


  1. those bridles look awesome! and more anatomically correct...more comfy

  2. Interesting, I will never cease to learn more about the options out there for us and our horses. That bridle looks lovely though I know very little about tack in general.

  3. Those are nice bridles - it's a Micklen, I believe (I might have mispelled that). My Western sidepull fits a lot like that, but without the bit - I think that bridle can also be configured to be bitless.

  4. Very interesting configuration. Don't know much about them but most of it makes sense.

    Maybe Izzy needs a different kind of bit. Do some of the other boarders have styles you might try?

    If you are using a loose ring, sometimes the cheeks can pinch. That's why I like eggbutts.

  5. I really like those bridles. I think I want one to do cross country in! I'm a fellow tack hoarder. Someday... They're cool cause you can also use them bitless too, which I like.

  6. Interesting bridle. I don't think I've seen one before.

  7. I really love the design of the Micklems - the only thing keeping me from getting one is the fact that McKinna is not fussy with her mouth at all! I am a tack whore at heart, though, so lord knows I'll probably eventually get one just to see if she likes it even MORE than a regular bridle...

    Glad to hear the dressage saddle is working nicely. I love being able to school flatwork in a dressage saddle! It's definitely not required, but it can make life a lot easier.


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