Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Making Lists

In light of Izzy and I moving in just over a month (gasp!!) to work for our most favorite eventing instructor, we have a shopping list.

Specifically, Izzy will be body clipped for the first time in her entire life, so she needs an appropriate winter wardrobe. I emailed Stephanie about it, and she said that since I already have one medium weight blanket, I need another, plus neck rug, plus stable blanket for extra insulation when it's really cold.

Sounds easy, right?

You realize who you're talking to?

After a thorough scouring of the internet, relevant catalogs, and friend recommendations, I have made progress in the blanket search (stay posted). However, I've also added a few items of my own to the list.

Things Izzy Also Needs:
Black Leather Halter with Nameplate: She's a grown-up pony and merits her grown up halter. I like the fixed chin and white stitching.

Fancy Stitch Hunter Girth: To replace our nasty cheapie fleece girth that scares me.

Rambo Fleece Quarter Sheet: So ponykins doesn't get a cold tukus.

Adorable Fly Bonnet with Rhinestones: Well, duh. Who doesn't need this?

Wouldn't that all look so classy?


  1. : ) Awesome pics. The Rambo will be a dream. I have a 1/4 sheet with the saddle cut out, and I swear I use it in the winter for ME, not for the pony!

    P.S. I've heard great things about the sstack (Schneider's) blankets, and am picking mine up today. Will let you know about quality there, if you need ONE more to consider!

  2. Great shopping list! :-) I wish I had your budget! ;-)

  3. Ha, you crack me up!

    However, instead of the fleece quarter sheet, I'd get the Dover climatex one. Fleece is not just near as effective as Dover's technical fabric. We have that one and it is completely awesome, always keeps the perfect temperature, heavy enough to never flap in the wind. I use it a fair bit in the cold winter wind since our arena is on top of a hill and I love it.

  4. Love the Newmarket style!!
    I have a Fall sheet from SStack, it's great and it was only like $70 and VERY durable.
    Laz's winter coat is from Dover (Rider's Intl) and it's a Med weight and keep him uber cozy, although I allow his fur to grow OUT so maybe the heavyweight for Izzy? They do go on sale, so keep your eyes open! I also choose to go with a 1000 Denier if possible (the 640 dont last for us)

  5. STB-I also wish I had this budget. We'll see what I can afford, but I'm guessing not much. ;-)


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