Thursday, February 2, 2012

Awards Time

Several of you have very kindly passed on an award to me. To those who were wondering, yes, I have less than 200 followers and therefore qualify. ;-)

I like all the blogs I follow, so it's tough to narrow it down to just five, but my five favorite blogs that I just recently started following and think you should, too are as follows:

Poor Woman Showing - Carly has been on a roller coaster this past couple months, but with her new man Bobby, has big plans for the future. She does it on a budget and with plenty of spunk.

High Tech Horse - Eva actually started blogging a while ago, then quit for a while, but is now back. She has a super morgan sporthorse named Reno and her lovely old guy and they live somewhere warm.

Pia's Parade - Gingham is like me with a bigger budget and the same tack whoring tenancies. She's also married with a thing for mares and a fab sense of humor.

Henry's Blog - The Fullers (although I suspect I'm talking about Mrs. Fuller) have a gorgeous chestnut thoroughbred in California. Adventures in a crowded barn are always fun.

Shades of Bay - An English Rider (one of the few bloggers I don't have a real name for...) is a college student in nowhere, Texas with a super cute bay thoroughbred. He's kind of a nut, but he's super lovable.


  1. Thanks for the mention!! Reno, Vez and I feel very honored. (btw, it took me a good 2 minutes of staring at my computer screen to find that word in my brain.. hello friday!).

  2. Congrats!! I'll check out the blogs you awarded. :)

  3. Thanks for sharing more blogs to follow! Now my problem is I spend so much time reading everyone else's, that I forget to post to mine :)


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