Friday, January 25, 2013

A Fight and a Plan

Fancy show jumping Cuna
So I may have mentioned that Cuna and I had a fight. On a warm day last week (15f, hate it), I pulled Cuna's blanket off, brushed him, and turned him loose in the arena. He loves to run around, but he always takes care of #1, and to him, the footing was only safe to trot.

Trot he did, flicky toes and all, with his head in the air and snorting. It was absolutely hilarious except for one thing: his beautiful topline is gone. Vanished. Scary. I was so sad at the state of his neck that I put him away with no cookies.

He threw his hay on the ground and tipped over his water bucket. AND pinned his ears at me.

Grumpy faces all around for several days. I'm focusing on the fact that the weather HAS to get better and that we can build another topline. He's focusing on the giant bag of peppermints I got him, and we're on the road to reconciliation. I may even be able to get on him today, provided we don't have another bout of freezing rain.

So. Let's pretend his topline comes right back and I end up with a paying job. In that fun and magical world, here is the projected show schedule for Cuna and I:

April 27&28 - Show jumping clinic with Julie Winkle, 3' - 3'3" group

May 11 - Boise Pony Club schooling jumper show 2'9" - 3'3"

May 24-26 - XC schooling and derby at novice

? June 8-9 - H/J show in Bellevue, ID 

June 22 - Dressage at Les Bois (we can hack there!), training 3 and first 1.

June 29-30 - Unrecognized horse trial (local) at novice

August (10-11, 24-25) - both IHJA jumper shows at the Idaho Center.

September 7 - BPC schooling jumper show

We have a dressage look now

No one tell Cuna about the dressage show or we might have another fight. ;)

Pretty exciting
I think it's actually within reach. Everything is local, so at least I won't be spending tons of money on hauling. There are usually a couple of jumper shows in Hailey, ID that I'd like to go to, but they're not on the calendar yet. We'll see what happens. Honestly, this feels within reach. I'd like to hit another jumper show, but everything else is going to be far away and more expensive.


  1. You call that a fight? Psshh. Sorry about the topline though I for know how much work it takes to get one on these red boys. It is probably not as bad as you think and will come back very quickly. I once over Steady every single time his blanket comes off holding my breath until I see some semblance of a topline still there. Your schedule looks totally fun and awesome! Jealous over here. Our progress sometimes seems so stunted by "life" that comes first but I know that there is no rush to get anywhere so I just need to enjoy the ride. You guys will have a killer 2013!! Can't wait to follow along!

  2. I second Amy, thats not much of a fight, toplines come and go and his will come back. :)

    The Julie Winkel clinic sounds fun!

  3. Hopefully you guys can mend the rift ;) haha!

    Heres to warmer weather for you and some topline for Cuna!

  4. Haha! Peppermints fix all! Topline will be back in no time so don't stress.

    Love the show schedule - fingers and toes are crossed for a new job with super flexible hours...;)

  5. I am confused, why does no topline = no cookies? It's not his fault! I'm on Team Cuna! MORE COOOOOKIES!

  6. I am pretty sure cookies build topline of one form or another. ;) Ask Cuna, he will tell you!

    Has he lost weight? My horse's neck disappears first unfortunately when he starts to drop weight.

  7. I'm on your side here. If cuna wanted cookies he could be working on his topline in his stall. He could be practicing his piaffe to stay in top shape. Of course, I could be doing crunches but that never seems to happen either....

  8. At least he's sound! I'm terrified about the lack of muscling and topline Simon is going to have after all this stall rest.

  9. Cuna didn't lose his topline on purpose...he deserved a cookie just for being Cuna. All that being said, just work him correctly during the next month and you'll see a great difference. TB's tend to build muscle very quickly.

  10. When did you get all matchy w the beastplate :D

    YAY showing!!

  11. They all sound like awesome events for you guys. Fingers crosed it all works out

  12. Aw poor Cuna! Excited to follow you guys this year with all your projected shows!

  13. I hate

    Great plans...cant wait to see how they all go!

  14. You'll get that topline back! I have no worries on that.

    I can't wait to hear all about your shows and adventures.

  15. Cuna's smart. He got peppermints out of the deal! :D

    Good luck with your show schedule!!


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