Wednesday, December 11, 2013


Too cute! 
We're hopefully at the tail end of a deep freeze that started the weekend of Thanksgiving and curtailed all horse activities. The boys are doing well.

Cuna is in his hoof boots and off his pain meds now. He's doing better than expected, but it's still very day to day.

Too cute! 
Courage is wrapped up in a heavy with a liner. I took this pic before we got inundated with snow.

I do think he's reconsidering his new lifestyle choice. His race trainer is in Phoenix, which is hella warmer than here.

What can a guy do?

Anyways. Super busy on my end. Hoping to get some new posts up soon!


  1. Thanks for the Cuna update. I'd been wondering about him!

  2. So glad to see a Cuna update! I think his old man face just gets cuter with every white hair.

  3. Stay safe and warm!! Glad to hear Cuna updates :)


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