Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Less Wordy Wendesday

November 2013

January 2014
I was running through some old blog entries and caught this comparison. This first is a shot from the day I clipped Courage at the end of November. The second is taken mimd-January 2014. Check out what six weeks off did for my little man!


  1. He looks great!! My mare always comes back from time off looking like she is about to spontaneously explode.

  2. You can really see how the let down has changed his whole outline especially where he was still tucked up from racing:)

  3. What a difference! These comparison photos are so nice to have.

  4. I love seeing a horse "bloom!" Good for you both.

  5. So thick and hunky! Even his coat looks better!

  6. Fah-bu-lous dahling!
    He is looking smashing - deff seems lile the mini-break has agreed with him.
    He is such a stunner!
    ♥ C-rage!!!

  7. Wow, he looks so much more relaxed in his topline and stance, awesome!


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