Thursday, March 10, 2016

Teddy's Tack Trunk/Leistner Brushes Review

Here's a thing about Courage: he hates brushing.

Always has.

So when Amanda was like "omg new brushes so amazing" I was like "lulz bitchez" and moved on. But then I was getting all weird and sappy about Courage and Amanda was like "I swear it's real" and I got poking around Teddy's Tack Trunk website.

I wanted one brush to try out.

But a brush is like $20 and shipping is like $6 and there's a coupon code available on the site that offers 10% off orders $50 and over. And free shipping if your order is over $60.

So I carefully perused the softest and most picky-horse-approved brushes, piled 3 of them into my cart, added a tail brush, then got my 10% off (which made the tail brush free) and free shipping (which made my tack ho heart happy). It was Friday at like 1pm. I hemmed and hawed and screwed around and finally hit order around 3pm Mountain Time. On Friday.

The brushes were on my doorstep when I came home from work Monday afternoon.
Prinze is the dual colored one facing up.

Really people. You have got to try that.

But of course, outstanding customer service was only part one of this order. Part two: would Courage let the brushes anywhere near his precious princess self?

He's old enough to know better than to try to kick me, usually. He still lifts his hind legs (I won't smack him if the leg is on the other side of his body from me), grinds his teeth, savagely attacks the wall, twitches, and generally attacks abused. Before you call me a monster, keep in mind that he gets "groomed" with one semi-approved plastic curry to get the worst of the mud off (and is blanketed to prvent major mud) plus one specially-purchased soft brush that skims off the dust. The whole "routine" took under 60 seconds, and his reactions are actually less extreme than they used to be.

After knocking off the mud, I busted out our new brushes. First we used the Prinze natural body brush. The very-unassuming website description says this "Horse grooming brush, medium bristle texture, made of 100% pure horse hair and a lifted double edge of natural bristles. Lacquered beech wood body and durable leather strap."

That doesn't seem like much. It's pretty much the nicer version of the brush I already had, right?
old brush. $8.99 at the feed store.

The bristles are super soft and giving, with just enough resistance to really lift the dirt out of the coat. (Courage is body clipped--obviously these brushes cannot actually reach through intense winter yak hair). What's more magical, this brush did all that with far less actual pressure on the brush than my cheaper brush with longer bristles took.

Which meant that Courage stood there and kind of flicked his ears like "I should hate this but I don't quite".
omg who knew goats were soft?
Then I pulled out the goat hair brush. The website description is this:
Extremely soft and luxurious horse grooming brush made of long and thick, 100% pure goat hair with beech wood handle and a durable leather strap.

Let me tell you, they are DEAD SERIOUS about the luxurious thing. This brush is possibly softer than my sheepskin grooming mitt. It's amazing. I started using it to lift the traces of dust left behind on Courage's coat and OMG YOU GUYS.

He couldn't believe it either.

Seriously. For the first time in the years I have been with this horse, he just stood there and let me brush him. He dropped his poll below his withers. His body relaxed. Of course, when I stopped to take a picture, he twisted around like WTF WAS THAT and I got the above picture instead.
size comparison
I also got the goat hair face brush because I don't know, it seemed like a good idea at the time. It's the same as the big brush, but easier to use on faces. It seemed rather extravagant, but it got me free shipping.

It gave me the same bizarre experience as the goat hair body brush. Courage got tense when I got near his face, but then... nothing... he didn't quite relax into it yet, but instead giraffing it up and trying to get away, he just stood there. THAT'S HUGE. Seriously.

The goat brush was so soft and magical that I'm pretty sure angels were singing and I just kept using it and his coat started glowing.
I mean. The reason we get by with so little grooming in general is that this horse has fantastic nutrition and good coat genetics, but like. Omg. There is a whole 'nother level of shine that we're unlocking right now.

I got Courage out and worked him, then let him much hay in his stall and (get this!!) (omg!!) groomed him again while he was eating. HE WAS EATING LOOSE AND I WAS BRUSHING HIM.

That has never happened before. Usually if I even try, he leaves the stall.

Color. Me. Impressed. These brushes are phenomenal, the customer service is amazing, and wow. You have to try this stuff. And Teddy's Tack Trunk didn't even give me a kick back for saying that. (I am the worst at free shit. Otoh, all my opinions are completely my own.)

PS Those discounts were valid as of when I ordered. Looks like the current threshold is $75.


  1. When you mentioned his grooming sensitivity before I figured you were already using goat hair brushes! They are magical. I got one in London years ago before they were popular stateside for my sensitive beastie at the time. Glad you finally get to enjoy brushing C-rage!

  2. I've been eyeing the TTT site since Amanda posted her review. Roger isn't that sensitive when it comes to grooming, he usually falls asleep while I'm brushing him. But who doesn't want fancy new brushes?

  3. My brushes are ancient... So maybe I'll check them out! They seem like they're worth it!

  4. Ugh. I need a new face brush anyway. So of course I'm going to end up loading up for free shipping. Because logic.

  5. I will always be broke between you and Amanda! I can resist one but not both...

    1. We have exquisite taste and unique viewpoints. ;-) if we actually agree, the product is mind blowing.

  6. Teddy's Tack Trunk is the best! I never thought I would be won over by brushes either. Serious voodoo magic. And definitely top notch customer service - they're a really awesome small business!

  7. You and Amanda are slowly convincing me... but $35usd for shipping to Canada hurts too much. I clearly need to find somewhere this side of the border that sells them (google hasn't yielded an answer yet)

  8. Sold! When I try to brush Ellie's face she acts as though I'm murdering her!

  9. So what you are telling me is I need to grab one of my goats and rub it on my horses...

  10. My old TB Swedish cross was like this with brushes. He had very specific requirements for softness of the curry or jellie, and which brushed. I did have a few goat hairs, and some that were similar but not quite as soft.
    Princess ponies!

  11. Great review. These sound amazing.

  12. Gahhhh. My horse is weird and her favorite thing in the world is a cheapo stiff brush on her face (omg don't tell the USPC), my my trainer's delicate flower don't touch me I am a chestnut thoroughbred is turning 21 in May and I think he needs a bday present....


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