Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Sort Of Win

Yesterday was the big day--we were going to find out if Izzy could be a pasture pony.

Answer: Yes.

The first thing she did was pin her ears and move each boy away from her. Ok. Queenship established.

Next, she galloped the whole length of the field, which is about a quarter mile, complete with some very acrobatic bucks.

Then, she had a good solid roll in the mud.

Finally, she marched out to the grass part of the field and munched away. In the picture with her is Duke, her new boyfriend who is allowed to graze at a respectful distance from her. He's an 8 year old palomino paint gelding.
This is Spot, her other pasture mate. He's a leopard Appy who doesn't get what the big deal is about grass, but thinks it's great that the other two are skipping their dinner. More for him!

Both the boys are super laid back and I have a feeling that they're just going to ignore any of Ms. Mare's antics, so hopefully it works out well. It's just a trial for now, but as long as the three of them can live harmoniously, it will become permanent.

So far, so good. I'm looking at getting Izzy a rain sheet to keep her relatively dry and clean for the rest of spring. The boys don't seem too mouthy, so hopefully it will go well.

Oh, and I have a nasty bug right now. Ick.


  1. Yay, so glad Izzy gets to be pasture pony! It is exponentially better for these guys to be out and be horses, I notice a massive difference in foot/digestive health, fitness, and just overall health of horses who live outside.

  2. Being out like that with other horses will do a lot for her calmness. Glad she's got such laid-back pasture companions.

    Sorry you're sick - feel better!

  3. So awesome, I bet she will loooove it:) Good luck keeping her clean though, even in a of the pitfalls. Hope you feel better soon!

  4. I agree that she will probably thrive out in the pasture. It is just more like what horses where designed for. Sorry you are feeling ick, get better soon.

  5. I wish I could find a situation like that for Lucy. I think she would be a totally different (much happier) horse. I'm glad Izzy is happy with her boyfriends!

  6. She'll probably be a very happy girl out there. For a bonus you'll soon have nice, strong muscles from currying the mud off her. At least you'll be in good company, I have to do that too ;)

  7. Woooohooo, pasture pony!! This is going to be SO good for her; I'll bet she thinks she's died and gone to heaven, especially after the last barn that didn't really have turn-out.
    I WISH we had pasture board here in Miami; unfortunately, I have yet to find it. :-/ Land is at a premium, even with the economy the way it is, so most barns are failry small.
    Hope ya feel better! Drink some ginger ale and hang around in your pajamas. :-)

  8. I'm sure she's in horsie heaven!! I know turnout for Laz has been KEY to him finding a brain :)

  9. I am all for turnout!! Three cheers that Izzy seems to think it's great too. I agree with the other comments that I think a horse's overall health and fitness is no much better with lots of time out.

    My Boys have 24/7 optional turnout with the barn open and run in shelters for whenever they want cover. I think they are really happy with that.

    Hope it works out for Izzy.

  10. Ooops....forgot to add some get well wishes for you. Being sick is always a bummer, but even worse when the weather is getting nice. Feel better soon! *hugs*


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