Friday, July 8, 2011

What I'm Doing


It blows.

Ok, well, I can't ride or run until August 6th. I can free lunge Izzy in the indoor now, which is better than noithing, but not uber exciting. I can't clean tack effectively or do many useful things.

So instead, I'm putting all my nervous energy to work by obsessing about pony things. Here's an example:

"OMG IZZY HAS BUG BITES!!!" I bought expensive fly spray, put her fly mask on her, and spent hours hunting down a horsewares fly sheet with a neck cover that I got for only $55. She's never worn a flysheet before in her entire life, but dammit, she will now.

That got me thinking about winter blankets. I want a lightweight Rambo Wug. Cheap. Mmm... Good thing I have all this stored energy and ABSOLUTELY NO ABILITY TO UTILIZE IT!!!!

Bwahaha!! My bank account is suffering, but it's helping me stave off depression and isolation. That's good, right?


  1. Yes, it's very good. Retail therapy will absolutely improve your outlook, if not heal you completely. As for the bank account, well... I tell you what, if I figure out anything that Tucker and/or Julie "need," you can totally bargain hunt for me. Deal?

  2. Haha, that cracks me up. At least you're putting your boredom to good use, right? Hopefully August 6th comes quickly for you!

  3. Well that isn't to long of a wait. I still don't have an exact date yet on when I can ride, but it will be cold!!!

    Shopping helps the boredom

  4. Why is it that shopping is such good medicine?

    You need a hobby.

    Oh yeah, that's right, riding is your hobby.

    Sorry about that. *G* Just teasing. EBay bargains do come along on blankets, but they tend to be seasonal. Maybe something will show up there.

  5. Oh young one, I approve of these newfound Ebay desires.

  6. Hey, now I can invite you to join my Shopaholics Annonymous group! We're poor, but damnit, we are happy (until our mouse-fingers start itching to click "Add to Cart" like a bunch of meth-addicts looking for their next fix)!

  7. HEHEHEHEHEHE couldn't agree more with what you are doing :)


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