Thursday, November 3, 2011

Musing on Tack

I like pretty things. I like matching things.

As you can see, Izzy has very coordinated outfits. (You'd think this would spill over into my personal fashion department, but no).

All pretty havana brown leather for our jump tack. Black boots all around.

And dressage. All black, all matching. It's not that everything is the same brand, just that I make sure everything coordinates. I keep it clean and shiny and all is well.

Here's the rub: Stephanie cleans tack after every ride. Every time. As a result, her tack is soft and lovely and all, but it's completely the same color. You know, the lovely white contrast stitching I adore on my dressage and figure eight bridles? It would be gone.

Hm. I took the easy way out and just brought my lovely (and non-contrast-stitched) Nunn Finer bridle out to ride in.

Problem: when I ride in my dressage saddle, my bridle doesn't match. Havana and black? No thank you!!

I'm sure you're all relieved to know that I'm choosing a sensible solution instead of taking the obvious route and simply buying a havana dressage saddle. No, I am considering picking up a second dressage bridle. Der. You know, one without contrast stitching that I can use the crap out of and not worry about. I mean, tons of people have show tack and regular tack, right?



  1. Right you are! So interesting that she cleans tack after each and every ride, because my daughter (the working student) is on me about this very thing. Seems that is what is done at the dressage barn where she trains/works now. And the bridles and reins must be wrapped a certain way before hanging a perfect world :)

  2. So totally jealous! Moon rides in a black synthetic saddle with havana stirrup leathers paired to an oakbark bridle with black reins! The thought is as long as it functions, who cares? Suppose we'll be buying some matching tack for show season though...the judges would probably frown us out of the ring!

    I do dream of a black matching bridle and black leathers some day. Oh when that day comes...

  3. Yup, I had show tack and schooling tack back in the day. It's not a bad idea in general, but it makes other things easier too...for example, if you happen to switch bits for showing, you can just leave it on your show bridle.

  4. The barn I grew up riding at we cleaned every piece of tack every use.
    We also did the wrapping the reins through the throat latch before hanging.
    Sand I have to tell you that judges probably will never notice. though I don't know what level you will be showing at. I have shown low level events and hunter jumper with black saddle and brown leathers, I have also shown with black saddle and brown bridle. Got a 29 in dressage and champion in jumper and a first in hunter. Not one person judge or otherwise have me looks or said a thing. If it is functional don't worry about it..

    Though Amiee if you can afford then do it. If I could I would!!

  5. Well, at least a bridle is cheaper than a saddle :P

  6. I second what Ruffles said :) But I would totally have a show bridle and regular bridle if possible! Someday...

  7. I still clean my tack after almost every ride and I tie the bridle up in a figure 8 when it is clean and just hang it when it is dirty. Some conditioning lasts forever. Extra bridles are ALWAYS a good thing, I have several. You would think I wouldn't have to keep changing bits and reins around. :-)

  8. I used to clean the saddle and bridle after every use when they did not belong to me. But now? I am always chasing time so tack cleaning tends to go to the wayside. I do remember to cover my saddle each and every time that I put it away though. Too precious to forget.

  9. I've done both...had show and regular tack. The trick is to make sure both sets are virtually identical in fit and style though. Sometimes a small change in the placement of a bit or the feel of a noseband can bother a sensitive horse....


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