Friday, July 12, 2013

Riding and Not

Given that I spend the larger part of my days pestering Redheadlins right now, I managed to snag a ride on one of her regulars. Meet Gunnar, a cute bay appendix gelding who I think is 8 or 9. 

Gunnar has come a long ways under her tutelage and it was quite fun to play with him. He has a lot of buttons and is a completely different ride than Cuna. I have to pay a lot more attention to my balance and keeping my core engaged, but he rewards me with some really nice work.  

It's a European thing. Really.
The first time I rode him, we hopped over tiny crossrails a couple of times, but my riding gear was somewhat... lacking... so we didn't do much. This time the jumps weren't set and it was too hot too be dragging stuff around, so we focused on some really nice flatwork. 

Maybe next time I'll be more prepared and we can jump some actual jumps! How fun. :) 

In a field
Things are changing slowly on the Cuna front. When I showed up at the barn today, he was WAY OUT IN THE FIELD, grazing. That's a big step for him. He doesn't like to leave the barn behind. He seems friendly with the horses over the fence, which is good because he got his hind shoes pulled today. Very soon, he'll be in with the buddies and living the good life.

Beyond cute
While we were waiting for the farrier, we played dress up. Someone is still looking adorable. 

The plan is the same. He's hanging out til after Labor Day. In September, we'll reassess and see how he's feeling. If he's good, we might work lightly this fall. If other than perfect, he'll continue hanging out through the winter. He's in a good place right now and I don't want to mess with it. 


  1. He looks adorable as always... Yay that you got to ride and that Cuna is loving his new digs!

  2. Glad Cuna's happy and you are still riding, cute horse :)

  3. Super cute. Hope good things continue for him.

  4. So happy you're still riding! I'm sure Cuna is a happy, relaxed boy! ;)

  5. Aw, Cunabear is learning to be a real horse, and like, eat grass in a *field* and stuff! Awesome! So happy to see that he's doing well and feeling better and making friends.

    And how nice that you still get to ride!

    P.S. I think we need to buy you this shirt -- ;-)

  6. So glad you are getting to ride. And sounds like Cuna is doing great so far!

  7. I think what your doing with Cuna is great. Keep your head up, your doing the right thing!!!:)

  8. Glad you are able to get some riding in. It's really hard to find rides and sometimes the motivation to ride when all you want to do is ride your own horse.

  9. Glad Cunas feeling better, he looks happy. And yay for a ride.


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