Thursday, December 28, 2017

2017 Goal Wrap Up

I'll confess to not even doing goal wrap ups some years because the results were not good. Ha. This year, I tried to check in periodically so hopefully we'll see some actual progress. Here goes!

Courage Goals:
1) Starting in February, keep him in work 3x a week--lunging, riding, groundwork.
Success! Definitely more grit than grace at the beginning, but yay for hitting bare minimums.

2) As circumstances permit, pro training (lesson or pro ride) 4x a month.
Ehhhhh let's go with "circumstances did not permit" and call this a success too. I took some lessons on him and he had some trainer rides.

3) 5 off-property excursions: trail ride, clinic, lesson, horse show, or just hanging out with friends.
My records indicate that we left home 3 times--twice hanging out with friends and once to hang out at a show. Plus one time when he moved to his new home. Yeah I'm counting it.

Horse Goals:
4) Get acclimated to riding second level movements whether on Courage or on school horses.
That definitely did not happen. I did ride two horses (one time each) that were capable of second level movements, but I am in no way acclimated to them. Rats.

5) Audit at least three different clinicians.
Well technically I audited one new clinician, loved her, got a new horse, and then rode with her. Since the point of this goal was to develop another trainer to work with, I'm calling it a success.

6) Attend (either as volunteer or competitor) at least three dressage shows.

Well okay I did not compete at horse show one, but I definitely showed up and volunteered and groomed so it counts.

7) Ride 10 other horses in a non-toodling capacity.
I kept a list. I rode:
1) Cocoa - adorable painty mare
2) Nikki - cool second level friesian cross
3) Bowie - fancy warmblood gelding
4) Royal - super cool OTTB dressage horse
5) Hampton - the one and only
6) Roxie - but of course
7) Zoëbird - YAY

I'm 70% there. That's not terrible.

Meta Goals:
8) Attend 1-2 top level equine sporting events (advanced eventing, grand prix dressage or jumping)
CAN YOU SAY ROLEX (aka now not-rolex)? I also hit USDF regionals and watched the FEI tests, so this one is in the bag.

9) Train for and complete either a 10k or half marathon, body-permitting.
Ha. Well. I ran the Beat the Blerch half marathon, then trained for and ran the Beer and Brats 10k. Then I got a stupid injury that I've been recuperating from, but this goal is officially HULK SMASHED.

10) Do core workouts 1-2x a week ALL YEAR LONG (body permitting).
0/10 epic fail here
I can't even go with "body not permitting". It's mostly just that I super hate core workouts.

Official goal count: 7.7/10. THATS PASSING, Y'ALL.
a passing frolic

I do like the process of breaking up goals by specific horse, general equestrian, and personal--it definitely mitigated the effect of epic fails on one front dragging down the whole list.


  1. You definitely did way better on your goals than me. I don't even want to look at my list 😂

  2. I think I made goals and promptly forgot about them.

    1. Yup definitely done that before. This was a banner goals year for me.

  3. I wish Stinker hadn't been OMG ONLY HAVE THREE LEGS when you were here because then you could have knocked another horse off the list.

    1. Bright side: I don't have to apologize for breaking him. ;-)

  4. That IS passing! And in my mind, pass/fail is all that matters at the end of the semester...erm...year. lol

  5. Replies
    1. Let's do it again! But like... not when it's cold. Hate cold.

  6. Extra impressive considering the massive upheaval with a horse change midway through!

  7. That's really good, especially with all that you went through last year! You did awesome!

  8. i basically stopped making goals after breaking my leg bc.... that really blew them all to smithereens lol. impressed that you still got so much done despite the massive upheavals in your horsey and personal life this year!

    1. I'm a compulsive list person. I have to have goals, but yeah definitely careful about how I word them any more.

  9. Not just breaking up the goals by category- but short term that leads to long term helps too. Win!

  10. My goals didn't really happen lol. I'm glad you had so much good success this year - even with so many changes!


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