Monday, April 2, 2018

Oops I Tack Ho'ed Again

(In fairness to me, this one is pretty much 100% Roxie's mom's fault.)

(Ok FINE 60%.)

I have whined repeatedly about how the only drawback to a glorious ZB is that she is a literal tack ho buzzkill. She's a custom bridle size (uh don't ask how many i have right now), a funky boot size (sob), a scary saddle size (omfg), and an 84" blanket (yes at 4 years old and 15.2 tall).

It's not a lot of fun to spend hours digging through backlogs of fb groups and eBay when your odds of success are literally zero. I mean. I started talking to a custom saddle person because y'know, I can't actually buy anything else so I MIGHT AS WELL SAVE UP AND GET SOMETHING REAL NICE. (Actual this is super logical and probably not something I should bitch about.)
also ho shit mare. feel good much?

The point is that I barely shop for things right now. Thus, when Roxie's mom was like "I'm totes going to a Real Tack Store! Do you need anything?", I gave her a list and told her to send me sexy pictures.

she obliged
Sadly, the super extravagant thing I wanted was not available. And again. Good luck getting a 6" bit off the rack EVER. Not that I need a bit. But shopping.

Everyone needs friends like Roxie's mom, because she knows what I like and sent me a ton of pictures and checked sizes. Then she found it:
Yes that is a purple dressage pad I don't didn't already have.

Of course, then she's like "oh hey there's a matching shirt", but they didn't have it in my size. 

can you see where this is going

So the next day, I'm obviously in the market for the matching shirt. I go to Riding Warehouse. I find it. The shirt is like $35, which means I need another $20 to use my coupon and still get free shipping. 

I do the only logical thing and start skimming through the clearance section. 

Annnnnnd then I saw it. 

photo via Riding Warehouse
Dream helmet. In the clearance section. In my size. And I've been meaning to get a new vented schooling helmet. And I had a coupon.


It was the only way. 

I put it in the cart.

I added the coupon. 

I totaled up the fake money sitting in my paypal account from a return (the money is already spent so it doesn't count, right?). 
sad brown ovation needs to be western-only, right?
I texted some of my super rational friends (cough tack hos all) and they were like #yolo. 

That seemed reasonable. 

Plus it will look so good with my new pad and matching shirt.

At that point, I figured I'd done enough damage for a weekend. But it could also be argued that there was a local tack swap thingy that sounded interesting at a barn I'd never been to and hey, I was already awake! Besides, as I VERY LOGICALLY told a friend, it was mostly western stuff. What could I possibly buy? Reins?


Finish giggling, then we'll move on.

I dragged the world's best barn dog (tm) to the tack swap and then took FOREVER to walk through and look at things because basically every single person had to admire him. But that means I had a lot of time to think about the first thing I saw when I walked up:

A saddle that looked like it would fit a barrel.

It had some damage. It was priced low to account for it. It looked like it would fit. I hemmed. I hawed. I ran into a local friend who verified that it looked real wide.

Finally I think I annoyed the guy selling it so much that he was like IF IT DOESNT WORK, JUST RETURN IT and FOR THE LOVE OF ALL THINGS HOLY PLZ JUST LEAVE.

Just remember.

Friends don't make friends add up how much they spent on tack in any given weekend.


  1. Can we talk about the boots though? Did Roxy's mom buy those? And what tack store has boots like that just lying around?
    Ok, now that's out of the way... None of what came out of the fake money paypal account counts since you're right, already spent that! And if there's a shirt that matches a saddle pad you need to match. Duh. Lastly, One K helmets are pretty great, so that was also a good choice. As for the saddle, weren't you borrowing one? So you definitely needed your own!

    1. Roxie’s mom custom ordered those lovelies yes. SWOON.

  2. I firmly approve these #tackho decisions.

  3. I approve of all of this. Especially pretty purple pads and fancy helmets. Since my own horse is lame and super picky (like how many brown hunter bridles does one person need?) I don't get to shop, so I must live vicariously through you.

    1. Yeah the lame thing sucks. Then all your money goes to vet bills and you can’t even afford coping mechanisms.

  4. YAS. Absolutely #yolo lol Plus, I love all the smiles you have in those pictures, especially the last one. ZB is best ZB for you <3

  5. Excellent Tack-Hoing. Nice score on the saddle. I'm looking for a western saddle for Levi, but he needs a narrower tree which is super hard to find in Western.

    1. I wouldn't have guessed he was narrow! Happy hunting. :)

  6. There is a Herm Sprenger Dynamic RS Aurigan 6" three piece bit locally for $60. Eggbutt. If you are interested, I could snag it for you.


  8. I'm really, really enjoying my vicarious #tackho impulses (I bought myself a new helmet and some cookies last week and sadly that's like all I can justify right now beca)

    And horse shopping is on hold, which sucks but it's for good reasons but ugh. :(

    I feel like Zoebird needs ALL THE THINGS so we can oogle how nice she looks in them!

    1. She looks SO NICE in SO MANY THINGS.

      It's a public service I provide.

    2. I almost resorted to braiding the pony's mane at my driving lesson on Saturday... it's terribles.

      If all goes well, I can shop this fall. Maybe. x.x WAITING SUCKS>

    3. I'm not browsing sale listings yet or anything. Really.

    4. It doesn’t hurt to look, right?

      ^that philosophy only bites me in the ass like 50% of the time. NBD.


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