Thursday, April 1, 2010

I'm Liking It

Due to snow (yes, I wish this was an April fools joke), we were back in the Bubble of Doom today. There were two other people riding, one of which was in a lesson, so it was pretty crowded. Despite trucks going by, horses banging on stuff, and horses coming and going, Izzy was really good. She was tense. She was worried. Still, she kept her brain. She didn't spook so much as look around.

We weren't able to get much useful work in, between dodging the lessoner (who for some reason never bothers to steer much) and avoiding the greenie with an explosive spook that we didn't want to provoke. Oh well. I keep reminding myself that any work is better than no work, and we're very, very lucky to even have the opportunity to ride indoors at all.


  1. Sometimes you just have to work in unideal situations - at least you know you can work her is weird places!!!!

  2. Riding with other people can be a pain, but just think how prepared you will be for a busy warmup arena at your dressage show!


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