Monday, June 11, 2018

ZB Hits the Mountains!

I board at a fabulous barn with some ladies that inspire me.

And they like trail riding.

And when I got a mid-week text like "let's go to the state park!", I was like "...but the bugs are super bad there waaaaaah" and found an alternate location.
I also found coffee because humaning is hard
Fortunately, they were all on board for an excursion to the mountains. 
ZB always up for an adventure
It's such a different world for me--I can't get my head in the game for horse shows, but I was thrilled to go hit the trails. We haven't hauled out since last fall, but I know I could count on ZB. She's just such a champion. She loads and hauls like a champ, then gets off the trailer like a pro and yet again, led the way for the first chunk of the ride. 

Lil lady has a motor on her. 
tasty bush
Even when we hit some challenges that I didn't quite anticipate, ZB's "NOT R WANT MUM NO" response is to stop and stare at something.

Not lose her shit.

Not buck me off. 

Not leave the county. 
and the skies were completely stunning
We kept everything calm and easy and went out for about two hours over a variety of terrain, including a couple water crossings, plenty of rocks, and lots of different grades up and down. 

It was Zoe's first time in the mountain and OMFG YOU GUYS I COULD NOT BE MORE THRILLED. 
i adore this mare
She led. She followed. She saw dirt bikes and mountain bikes and runners and heard guns and saw wild life and dealt with all of it like an old hand. 

She's still learning how to cross water (cross your fingers for a legit training post tomorrow!), but she made a good effort at everything we tried. 

The best part is just how much fun she is for every step. 

So honest. 

So game. 
goal: ride in the mountains = achieved!
I mean. It isn't even just the riding. It's how Ms. ZB shows up and tries no matter what. Hauling to a new place? 

No probs. 

Tying to a trailer for the first time?

She's got it. 
I know basically my whole blog now is like ZB R PERFECT AND I SUPER LOVE HER, but I can't even apologize for it. 

I took my baby horse to the mountains. 

She exceeded expectations and those expectations were already irrationally high on account of how lovely she is. 
remind me i need to break in my new latigo so we can go full old west
I mean. I always say that some day the little lady will have a bad day, and I won't even be able to get mad at her, because she's so freaking perfect most of the time. 

But yeah. 

It hasn't happened yet.


  1. Yay ZB! That looks like a beautiful place to ride!

  2. What a gorgeous place to ride! So glad ZB was a perfect baby (not that we expect any less, haha).

  3. That looks like an awesome place to ride! so glad ZB was a champ.

  4. Oh man! This looks like the BEST day!! So pretty. ZB is the best, hand down. What a good girl. I bet she loved getting out and about!

  5. So beautiful out there! That ZB, she's such a rock star! My horse can't even handle riding in the yard next to my ring...

  6. What an awesome day! I love how much fun you're having with ZB :D

  7. awww i have a very similar pic of myself leaning down on charlie's neck hugging him like that on his first ever real trail adventure, and it's a memory i'll never forget <3 sounds like a great day with a great mare and great friends!

  8. How fantastic to have a horse that you just have so much fun with. Looks like you made it out on a really lovely day too!

  9. These photos are so gorgeous I can't stand it.

  10. What a pretty place to ride. Did You have fun ZB? I did that once with my person and it was fun too.

    Let your person know that my person has some tips for breaking in the latigos for years of use ahead. She can hit me up on the blog.

  11. That scenery is just astounding! So friggin awesome. Brag about ZB all you want! You deserve a horse like her and she clearly will do anything for you! <3

  12. For a nice change, the horse is returning the favor and spoiling the hell out of You! LOL

  13. You wrote:
    "basically my whole blog now is like ZB R PERFECT AND I SUPER LOVE HER"

    Nothing wrong with that, and no apologies necessary. You've got yourself a beautiful all-arounder in the making... Lucky you & lucky her! I enjoy reading how happy you are now, and love pics of ZB.


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