Friday, February 14, 2014

Thank You

I've tried to write this post several times, but I can't get beyond the first paragraph. 
By Polar Square Designs
I just wanted to thank Kate at The Adventures of Lucy/Polar Square Designs, Team Flying Solo, Andrea at The ReelingWingman to Witching Hour, Lauren at She Moved to Texas, and Allison at Blue Eyed Horse, plus Jana, who doesn't seem to have a blog. They commissioned this lovely portrait of Cuna for me. 

Alyssa at Four Mares, No Money also did a Cuna portrait. I love them both and and beyond thankful to have friends like this. 

Every time I try to write out a proper thank you and say something about what this means to me, I realize that I'm just not ready. Please know my silence isn't ingratitude. I'm still grieving and I'll say more when I can. 


  1. Beautiful. What a love tribute. You are indeed honored.

  2. They are wonderful - the portraits and the friends.

  3. You are welcome -- I'm glad you like it, Kate picked a nice frame! What a beautiful painting!!!!!

  4. You are very welcome. Kate is a very talented artist, and so apparently is Alyssa. I'm so glad you have such lovely portraits to remember your boy by.

  5. Completely understandable, I couldn't talk about my horse for months after we put him down. But now I can reminisce about him with a smile on my face. Lovely portraits, you're very lucky.

  6. I'm so glad you like it (moreso that I did his pretty face justice!)



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