Thursday, August 5, 2021

Always Be a Unicorn

Photo edit by Beka

When you have a Zoebird, there are certain things you can do that normal horses really can't. 

One of those things is throw a little girl a unicorn birthday party. 

(Note: none of the children are mine to share so I'm not showing faces/action shots, EVEN IF THEY HAVE REALLY CUTE SMILES.) 

We started mid-week with a quick dress rehearsal. 

Well no. It started with me saying "I'm throwing a unicorn birthday party" in front of a friend and she immediately volunteered to bring her sister and help. 

Then we did a quick dress rehearsal. Turns out the $20 etsy horn needed a little reinforcement to prevent a rather unfortunate flopping situation. And we picked correct sparkles. And made a plan. 

When party day arrived, #teamunicorn was on site early to get all decked out.

the ideal horse model

We (they--let's be real my only contribution was a tail braid) got everything ready, then took the world's most adorable unicorn out to walk around and do a final fit. 

We did a couple quick tweaks to dial the outfit in and it was go time with Alyssa was on hand to document!

I mean. ZB is a really damn cool horse and her love of the littles is possibly the most adorable thing I have ever seen. 

They petted her and learned how to feed her treats (and brought BAGS of carrots and apples so it was 100% the best horse day ever). 

And then we did pony rides! 

Pro tips:
1) BO suggested the indoor to contain the party participants. This was an excellent idea.
2) A 3 step mounting block is not tall enough to get the littles on your percheron cross (but helpful parents are great for this!)
3) Remember to ask the parents to bring helmets, because your adult size helmets will be WAY too big (glad I thought of that one in time!)
4) Should definitely ask everyone to wear closed toe shoes. Again. Did not think of that. 

It was a really fun time! The kids were so excited and the parents helped manage the chaos (as did Alyssa and co--it's definitely a lot to throw 10+ kids and their non-horsey parents into a barn situation). 

And ZB. 

not pictured--actual children

By now, you know she is the best horse ever. 

But like. 

Not a foot wrong. The whole time. My proudest moment was having a little girl up who simultaneously LOVED Zoe and was COMPLETELY TERRIFIED. We were in the farthest, darkest corner of the arena and every child not-on-Zoe took off running straight at her AT FULL SPEED. 

I stopped dead. ZB didn't even flick an ear. 


Just taking care of the scared little girl on her back. 

You guys that is the cutest thing I have seen IN MY LIFE.

I'm living for these photo edits

I'm certainly not planning to get into the unicorn party business*, but it was so much fun to make a little girl's day memorable. 

Local unicorn team. Should have made Alyssa get in the picture instead of take it.

*No one tell ZB I said this. She is living to be a party unicorn.

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