Tuesday, March 29, 2022

Breathe, Ride, Repeat

I don't have a lot of cool things to say right now. Some parts of life are very good and some parts are very stressful. The ZB parts are very good. My little lady is probably mumbleover16handsmumble, is like sitting on my favorite couch, and is constantly getting compliments from other boarders for her gung-ho attitude and general perfection. 

when you hit the sunset light just right

My current focus is trying to break in my western saddle properly. Kinda. I can't really claim to be super focused. Due to not-ZB things, I'm trying to keep hobby stress low right now so messing around playing cow pony is about where my brain is at.

a nicely cherry picked moment

Did you know she's turning 9 this year?! 

where does the time go?

I really wanted to splurge and treat myself on fun teal western boots that were new and off the rack. Isn't that the whole point of having an adult job? You pay board and can afford to buy nice things at stores, LOL. 


Then every other animal I own decided that they'd like a pricey vet visit in the month of March so I guess I'm doing that instead. 

I actually don't think she cares at all.

I'm having a hell of a time figuring out how to transfer dressage training in a snaffle on the contact over to western pony on a loose rein in a curb. 

Or at least. I thought I was. 


We "work" 1-2 times a week and all other rides are 30 minutes flat footed walk to build baseline fitness. It's been unseasonably warm and she's still A YAK so we're easing in. It's really fun right now. She is trying SO HARD and keeps experimenting with her balance and frame and trying to find the right answer. I feel like we had a good breakthrough last week so now I'm just working on my timing for rewarding her try. 

we actually have these really nice balanced moments in a slow jog on a loose rein
they aren't long, but they're so good

I've spent a lot of time on walking days just breathing and letting time slow down--the feel of her back swinging underneath me, the spring grass starting to come in. I'm so lucky to have a horse like this and she matters more to me than anything other goals right now.

ever unconventional

It doesn't matter what tack she's wearing or how it looks to anyone else. I'm just enjoying the ride.

Wednesday, March 16, 2022

On Employment

When new people at the barn meet Zoebird, they tend to ask the same question:

What does she do? 

Really not sure why "wear cute outfits and have lots of fun" isn't considered a polite answer. 

We have this stupidly cute pink outfit for dressage that we put together. LACE ACCENTS. Yes. I need a shirt to match I think. 

it's ok i'd be jealous of me too

Then we took another ride on the western train and are building this awesome teal outfit.

Plus there's this I-need-to-decide-if-i'm-going-purple-or-teal bareback outfit
can you even with her cute level? 
you cannot.

Oh and the things she does in these outfits are like:


Also hella fun.

It just cracks me up to classify "what we do". 

today we're jumpers because it's a figure 8!

today we're dressage because sparkle browband!

now ruggedly western ranch horse maybe even wearing a saddle!

dramatic sunset pictures are always in style

wow let's take another moment with this great outfit
ZB is such a smart lady. She doesn't need endless repetition. She needs fitness appropriate to the job I am asking her to do. She needs clarity and direction on what her job is. No matter what tack she's sporting or what we're "doing", I expect her to be calm, soft, and willing to move her balance forward and back when I request it. 

lol what a cute horse!

I really love this outfit

I would love to get some lessons in this year. I really want to go on some field trips with ZB. We'll see if I make it happen (cross your fingers for SB gets to live in town for the first summer in a couple years). 

yup loving this color on her

With where we're at right now, I'm working on keeping a slightly open throatlatch with her nose poked out while moving forward in a level balance. I'm really enjoying using my pivo to keep me accountable here--she can't learn to go forward in a balance on a loose rein if I'm hanging on her face. 

is my horse

I find small things we can be successful at. Like. Eventually, I'd like to have a walk/lope transition on a loose rein in a level balance maintaining a steady rhythm. I don't have that today, so I focus on the balance and rhythm I want doing transitions from walk to trot (/jog, calm down).

So what does she do? 

IDK wear cute outfits and have fun, I guess.

pictured: tiny dog not having fun
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