Thursday, May 23, 2024

#til Check Your Tack, Fam

ZB and I moved barns at the beginning of December. I was trying to juggle a lot of travel commitments around winter weather, so I ended up moving her as a big winter storm was blowing in so I could be in town as she settled in vs out of state. 

Which is fine. 

We moved to a really lovely little place that fits our needs and goals. We gave up the luxury of an indoor, which meant there would be limitations on winter riding. 

Which again, is fine. 

I'm at a really cool place mentally where I can enjoy my horse every time I'm with her and there's no stress around what she should or shouldn't be doing or what anyone else is doing. I knew that winter/early spring riding was going to be weather dependent. I'm fine taking extra time doing stuff. I'm not riding 5 days a week and all is well. 

All of that, fine. 
she free jumped herself

This spring has been weird though. I've felt a little out of balance and disconnected. Things aren't quite clicking and I'm second guessing myself. I added a gut supplement and did a lot of ground work and everything I did was telling me that my horse was fine but my confidence was absolutely shot for some reason. 

That isn't fine. 
um hello shiny

I'm not about brute forcing things and I don't have a readily available trainer right now so I've just been kind of feeling it out. I needed a breakthrough. 

So I saddled up on a nice spring day, put my foot in the stirrup, felt the smack of my boob hitting the saddle horn a split second before my feet hit the ground and found myself staring at my slightly confused horse from next to the mounting block. 

there are a lot of buckles in there

This is a reminder to check your stirrup leather and make sure EVERYHING IS STILL ATTACHED before you try to get on. 

More importantly though--I'd been feeling a little out of balance and like I wanted my stirrups shorter, but western stirrups are a PITA to mess with and I'm not riding that hard so I just hadn't and figured I'd get used to the length that had obviously been fine before. 

And that meant I didn't change them. 

everyone say hi to this adorable muppet

Standing in the dusty arena seemed like a good time to address it, so I dutifully shortened that stirrup, then shortened and checked the other side.

And then I got on. 

I felt confident. Centered. In balance. 

I pushed the reins forward and trusted my horse. I owned my own balance. 

Since that day, I've been taking the leaps forward that seemed to be missing. 

also who thinks i need new stirrups

Just wait until you hear about the day I realized I was a Horse Training Goddess (tm). Full disclosure that one did not go the way I expected either. 

Friday, May 10, 2024

Hos Gonna Ho

The problem with ZB is one of her best features—she fits in zero off the rack things so impulse buying is dead.


Plus y’know—most high end western stuff is designed to last like 700 years so it’s stiff and ugly colored until you put a couple years on it out in the sun and dust and rain. 

So yeah I went full commit on the western schtick. Roxie’s mom told me what saddle to get, I found a 6” bit on eBay, grabbed a pair of reins from the feed store, and that was that. Well then I added the largest breast collar from the feed store too and the quality isn’t great because I bought the largest soft pre-oiled option that feels nice to start with and gets worse from there. But it looks fine for now. 

winter scruff

I love to scroll horse stuff on the socials and I’d cut a bitch for a nice French bridle but even I can’t justify $700 for a non-custom bridle. 

But you know what is way cheaper


Yeah random western stuff. 

they see her rollin

I obviously spent way too much time trying to run down what was trendy for what discipline and how much it cost and you can FOR SURE spend all the dineros you would like when it comes to that. But like. For me. 

I’m not showing. I don’t have a discipline. The world is my oyster. 

shout out past me for buying sunflower slobber straps

And while I visually LOVE straps, they’re goddamn annoying to put on.

Plus you know how it is in the winter—you aren’t riding a ton, you’re shopping for presents, the algorithm is feeding you shit, your impulse control is at an all time low, etc. 

she's so damn cute

anyways that’s the story of how i decided i couldn’t live without this super minimalist headstall that i then immediately decided i needed to buy a noseband for because it was too minimal which then transitioned into switching over to a mecate set up but i obviously bought this STUNNING custom size sparkle piece and anyways hook a sister up if you see a deal on high end reins.

this headstall is what dreams are made of


Some things never change. 

google decided you needed this photo and who am i to argue with our AI overlords?
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