Tuesday, August 25, 2020

The Magical Thing About a ZB

 I've been working out of town, which severely limits barn time. 

But I have a ZB. 


So when I had 48 hours in town a few weeks back, Nadia asked if I wanted to haul out to go trail riding and the obvious answer was YES. 

ZB has never hauled a ton and definitely not in the last year. 


And it is so freaking cool to have a horse that I just loaded onto a trailer she'd never seen, took to a place she hasn't been in a long time, hop on, and go. (Ok hop on=train her how to back off a straight load, which took a minute, but then she got it.) 


She led. She followed. She crossed boggy ground, walked by scary things, and never batted an eye. 


By the end, she was SO TIRED, but gamely hopped back in the trailer and headed home like a total champ. 

And then used her new-found "backing off the trailer" skills. 

TL; DR she is the absolute best and hopefully next I will write about some of our exciting continuing adventures.

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