Absolute Courage

When my main ride, the inestimable Hakuna Matata, told me he needed at the least the summer off and very likely more, I was bummed out.

So I went to the racetrack to stay involved with horses while I waited for him.

Something predictable happened.

Absolute Courage (pedigree here) waltzed in to my life and decided that we were going to be friends. Despite his long history of being a successful racehorse, he wanted more pampering and less running like a mad thing. He quit winning races and started nickering to me for neck scratches instead.

Eventually, his owner and trainer decided to call it quits and sent him to me instead.

His last race was July 12, 2013. His first ride in jump tack was July 27, 2013.
He didn't know anything, but he was a solid citizen with a great brain and three lovely gaits.

He's fun to be around, level headed, and a quick learner, but also a bit opinionated.

We're going slow and doing things right and hoping to end up doing the 3' - 3'3" jumpers mostly on the local circuit.

My A circuit dreams will have to wait til I hit the lotto.

It's a whole new world

We're pretty early along, but here are some videos to track his progress:

8/2/13 - My second ride on him, just 5 days post-track

First show, first course (9/7/13 - pony club show ground poles

First show, second course (9/7/13 - pony club show ground poles II)

9/12/13 - XC in the pasture, course 1

9/12/13 - XC in the pasture, course 2

11/17/13 - Redheadlins jumps Courage

11/24/13 - First lesson with S

11/30/13 - Right lead canter in a lesson

11/30/13 - Left lead canter in a lesson

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