Monday, February 12, 2018

A Smoosh Victorious

Zoëbird and I are prepping for our first clinic of the year, second clinic ever. We've had... uh... 1.5 lessons since the first/last one in October? 

Most all of the heavy duty training rides for ZB are done by my trainer right now. On days we ride with a saddle, I try to pick a single topic to work on and quit when it feels successful. 

objective: canter on both leads

There's a part of me that feels like I should be working harder here. I'm definitely not pushing and struggling and frustrated. 

But like. 

It's fun? 

polos by Go Big or Go Home
shirt by She Moved to Texas

I dunno. Alyssa came out and took pictures the other day and yeah 100% there are things I want to work on with myself, especially at the canter. 

But I can't even be mad at myself about it. 

Because in every single picture, I have this giant stupid shit eating grin on my face. 

Lil miss ZS Zoëbird whinnies at me when I show up every day. 

And even if all we're doing is hanging out for a few minutes while I freeze to death in the wind, she has this incredible way of centering my whole world. 

To me, that matters more than all the other things put together. 


  1. PURPLE PURPLE PURPLE omg ZB in PURPLE is PERFECT! LOL :) She is adorable anyway but purple makes all better! Have fun at clinic!! I am sure you will rock it both of you! :)

  2. she looks good in purple! being able to have fun and take pictures and just plain old smile uncontrollably is definitely what it's all about ;)

    1. Ha yeah even the sub par moments, I just look so happy. <3

  3. bahaha those polos were destined for you & that outfit.

    1. They're pretty great. You will see them again (in pictures).

  4. That purple outfit is to die for. Those days where you just can't stop smiling are definitely the best.

  5. I'm so glad you have a pony that you love and such a big smile on your face.

  6. 1. My thighs are still confused about why they had to expand so much.

    2. It needs to hurry up and get lighter for longer so we can have better light for better pictures

    3. I think you are the perfect couple. Sorry Brent.

  7. Lol freeze to death!
    I look like a snowman on the daily lately. Snow pants long sleeved t sweater winter coat and vest with scarf and hat lol

    1. Well in fairness, I was wearing a hoodie, shorts, and tennis shoes. Not my best planned day ever. ;-)

  8. Happy Galentines Day to you and ZB!


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