Tuesday, June 19, 2018

Much Needed ZB Update

I haaaaate blog posts that start out by apologizing for not blogging, so I refuse to do that to you guys. 


Things have been happening. 
always toodling
blogger meet up!
riding lessons!
definitely my latest zany idea in progress
Plus the weather here has been to-die-for (too soon?) and so my evenings have been out doing all the things vs staring at my laptop typing away. 

There's a lot going on. Most of it doesn't belong here. 
But some of it does. ZB continues to be the loveliest lady no matter what I cook up any given day. I can throw frisbees off her, hack out alone in the rain, or take trips and come home knowing that she's still going to whinny at me and be foot perfect to play with. 

I mean. She definitely has her things. 
yeah i'm growing out her mane

In a last ditch attempt to make me focus, my trainer has started semi-mandating weekly lessons because otherwise she knows I just fuck around and screw things up. Which like. She's right. And it's true. And I like lessons. And lort knows I need the help. 

Plus I don't actually have any lesson media (sorry!), but GODDAMN little lady is coming along nicely when I remember to sit up and ride. I even had a moment of being like "LETS GO TO A SHOW" right up until I remembered how much work that is. 
also my corgi stole the mrs pastures and just strolled past me like this
Some days we work hard and put in the time with ground work and dressage and concentrated "training".

But a lot of days, I need to just not.
oh and a new photo editor

I hang out and breathe her horsey smell. Play with her mane. Groom her gleaming coat. Watch her munch on her favorite weeds and marvel that a creature like this is here with me.

Some things are good. Some things are not good. 

But we're here. 



  1. LOVE the new photo editor and the sneaky corgi and that beautiful awesome baby horse <3

  2. I’m waiting for the ZB does disc golf post

  3. Ultimate Frisbee equine edition??
    So glad things are still awesome for you and ZB!

  4. I'm glad things in horse-life are going well. Horse life going well and the rest of my life going well rarely happen at the same time. When they do, I wonder how long it will last.

  5. She’s so cool! It was fun to get to visit!

  6. Your corgi is adorable!! I'm glad things are going well and that you're just enjoying your time with your girl instead of worrying about blogging. :)


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