Monday, October 5, 2020

We Take a Lesson!

I've been able to ride consistently enough lately that I actually felt ok scheduling a lesson last week. 

And then I thought. 

Let's make it a jumping lesson! 

literally the cutest

Here's the entire history of Zoe jumping: 

1) we spent a lot of days on the ground/lunge line learning how to go through poles and not fall down one winter 

2) One day, my barnmate was like "does she jump" and I was like "iunno let's find out" and apparently she does. 

3) Since that day, we've had about 4 random days where we popped over wee single cross rails to the tune of less than 10 jumps each time. 

4) and then we were signed up for our first ever jump lesson 

outfit on point, as always

Not gonna lie, when I saw my trainer setting up an entire course of jumps, I was like "uh yeah so do you realize this horse has never jumped more than one fence in a row IN HER ENTIRE LIFE and yeah I was thinking some trot poles and a crossrail or something?" 

Trainer was like "oh yeah totes this is for the lesson after you no worries". 

And that's the story of how whether or not it was intended for the lesson after us, ZB and I jumped AN ENTIRE COURSE for the FIRST TIME IN OUR COMBINED LIVES. 

Also that's my first course since uh............. 

Wow like 2015? I don't even know. Been a minute. 

And it was the cutest thing ever. 

I could go on and on about how she's the most fun to ride and how cool it is to have a horse that lets me sit in the middle and steer because she thinks jumping is THE FUNNEST OMG MUM and how cool it is to like, "work on my position" because I'm not just desperately clinging on and trying to avoid death. 

But you probably guessed those things anyways from how it's ZB. 


  1. How is she just the best at everything?!

  2. Love this, you two look great!

  3. Of course she jumps courses. That was great!!

    1. She just ate it up. SO MUCH BETTER THAN DUM CIRCLZ.

  4. Um, not only is your outfit ON POINT (duh), you two look amazing!

  5. That was the cutest thing ever. Soooo adorable <3

  6. She's just the cutest! I love when she just trots over the cavalleti. "No standards no jumpy, I get it"- ZB (probably)

    1. I was so worried she wouldn't "get it" for whatever reason and she was great.

  7. ZB- jumps? Sure. Hang on mom, I’ve got this?!

  8. She's just adorable. I like how she gets more confidence throughout the course!

  9. It's nice having a horse/pony that is game to try all the things. Not only shows up, but slays it like a badass too. Congrats!


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