Wednesday, November 17, 2021

Full Circle

this lady <3

 A little over four years ago, I was in a bad place. I'd never met Roxie's mom, but we chatted online occasionally. She invited me up to trail ride her big, gorgeous Roxie horse. 

(If you don't remember Roxiecorn the Horse Princess and her awesome mom, well, read this and follow their adventures here.)


I remember cantering through the mountains, giggling like a kid on a pony. Safe. Happy. 

I came home and made changes. 

I lost a lot, but I gained far more. 

horse pirates!

I made plans to meet Halo Horsebaby the month she was born, but instead I nuked my entire life and had to deal with the fallout. 

My path was northern last week and when I messaged Roxie's mom about meeting up, she hooked up the trailer and took me trail riding again. Halo is three now. I squealed when I saw her round little nose. Roxie's mom and I hit the trails again, and again, I was seated on the inimitable Roxie. 

group picture!

I'll always love that Roxiecorn for showing me another life. 

My whole world is different than it used to be.

the best

There is something so strangely transcendent about riding through a golden sunset on a brisk fall day, looking through the same set of ears that rocked my world. 


Something about having the kind of friends that hook up the trailer and say "come ride my Roxiecorn". 

Something about sharing a driving passion for life and horses.  

and the horses that carry us

Whether those rides are in the show ring or bareback alone at night, they're shaped me. 

My expectations. My goals. My life. 

that saddle pad tho

It's little things like choosing a career that affords horses and a job that gives you some free time. 

It's big things, like learning to hear what your horse says about you. 

It's setting the standard for the people in your life. For who they are to you, and for who you want to be to them. 

and trail rides in the forest

I'm in a whole different place now than when I first met Roxie and her mom four years ago. It's a good place, full of opportunities and challenges. 

I have my own horse princess now--if you're here, you know the inestimable ZB.

and yes, she looks good in sparkles

And yeah, it really can be all it's cracked up to be. 

Stay hopeful, my friends. 


  1. Love this. Makes me so happy to see your posts on Insta living your best life. ♥️

  2. Change is hard but it also can pay off big time. I'm glad you were brave enough to take the leap.

  3. Love how you continue to bloom ❤️

  4. Isn't it amazing how one moment in time can change your whole perspective? I'm glad Roxie and her mom were able to help do that for you.

    1. I mean, we have to give partial credit to Karen and Hampton for sure. ;)

  5. You are always welcome to pilot a Roxie or a Halo Horsebaby! Come over any time. <3


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