Wednesday, March 16, 2022

On Employment

When new people at the barn meet Zoebird, they tend to ask the same question:

What does she do? 

Really not sure why "wear cute outfits and have lots of fun" isn't considered a polite answer. 

We have this stupidly cute pink outfit for dressage that we put together. LACE ACCENTS. Yes. I need a shirt to match I think. 

it's ok i'd be jealous of me too

Then we took another ride on the western train and are building this awesome teal outfit.

Plus there's this I-need-to-decide-if-i'm-going-purple-or-teal bareback outfit
can you even with her cute level? 
you cannot.

Oh and the things she does in these outfits are like:


Also hella fun.

It just cracks me up to classify "what we do". 

today we're jumpers because it's a figure 8!

today we're dressage because sparkle browband!

now ruggedly western ranch horse maybe even wearing a saddle!

dramatic sunset pictures are always in style

wow let's take another moment with this great outfit
ZB is such a smart lady. She doesn't need endless repetition. She needs fitness appropriate to the job I am asking her to do. She needs clarity and direction on what her job is. No matter what tack she's sporting or what we're "doing", I expect her to be calm, soft, and willing to move her balance forward and back when I request it. 

lol what a cute horse!

I really love this outfit

I would love to get some lessons in this year. I really want to go on some field trips with ZB. We'll see if I make it happen (cross your fingers for SB gets to live in town for the first summer in a couple years). 

yup loving this color on her

With where we're at right now, I'm working on keeping a slightly open throatlatch with her nose poked out while moving forward in a level balance. I'm really enjoying using my pivo to keep me accountable here--she can't learn to go forward in a balance on a loose rein if I'm hanging on her face. 

is my horse

I find small things we can be successful at. Like. Eventually, I'd like to have a walk/lope transition on a loose rein in a level balance maintaining a steady rhythm. I don't have that today, so I focus on the balance and rhythm I want doing transitions from walk to trot (/jog, calm down).

So what does she do? 

IDK wear cute outfits and have fun, I guess.

pictured: tiny dog not having fun


  1. What does she do? Just LIVES HER BEST LIFE!

  2. I love that you have so much fun with your girl. This is my current goal as well. Enjoying the ride. Literally.

  3. What does she do? She makes me happy 😊! Is there any other answer needed?

  4. Her outfits! Love her and what you two are doing together


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