Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Dressage News

I freely admit that we did dressage today because I was too tired to think about setting jumps. That's a little sad, but it is hard when you have to set jumps, reset anything knocked over, then disassemble and put them away all by your onesies and you're short on time.

Anywhoodle. We stuck to the warmup plan and things went brilliantly.

How brilliantly? At one point, I let Izzy go to stretchy trot. She made two laps around the sizeable arena on the buckle and stayed completely in balance. No running on the forehand, no falling forward. It was incredible.

You may see pictures tomorrow...


  1. Oh I love the balanced stretchy trot. Sounds awesome. I feel you on the setting up jumps thing.

  2. That IS incredible. You guys have come so far, congratulations! :)


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