Friday, September 23, 2011


As mentioned before, Ellie and I planned a grand tour of quality tack establishments in the greater Seattle area.

Our plan flopped massively when we found out Olson's Tack Shop was having a full on fall sale. Conveniently the same weekend we already planned to be in the area, they were having 15% off footwear and fall clothing, plus a tent sale, plus a coupon for 20% off the most expensive item you purchased (saddles and custom items excluded). Oh, and if you showed up early, the first 25 shoppers in the door got a gift bag. AND items in the tent sale were 10% off between 9 and 10am.



We basically went crazy. I have winter coming to prepare for and Ellie has a brand new horse to shop for.

At 8:35 we were in line, numbers 23 and 24.

At 9:01 we were in the door, goodie bags in tow. Yes!! Score #1 for us. We immediately plowed our way through the horde of well dressed ladies to the tent sale. I snagged a Kerrits Cinch Lite jacket (retail $119) for $49, a pair of winter tights that retail for $119 for $49, a pair of Sport Gloves (retail $24) for $12, a pair of over pants (retail $69) for $49, and some Kerrits long underwear (retail $49) for $24.

Plus 20% off the most expensive item and an extra 10% off of everything because we scooted over quickly and got in line right before 10am.

Tent sale FTW!!!

Ok, take a breath. We're halfway there.

Naturally, the smartest thing to do was grab the coupons out of our shopping bags and head back in for round II.

The madness continued... This time I kept waffling on what I wanted. After the first splurge, I needed to be budget conscious, but I also didn't want to pass on something I'd definitely regret later. I oogled a pretty girth, since I really do need a new one for my jump saddle. I touched nice stirrup pads that I wanted. I looked at things that are actually on my list to buy this winter, like blankets for Izzy.

Then it happened.

The kneeling lady in this picture is a brand rep for Equifit, makers of the incredible looking t-foam boots.

She was chatting with some other customers while I browsed the boots selection. I picked some up. I played with them. I swooned a little over how amazing they felt. I put them down. I picked them up again.

Then she asked if I had any questions.


I learned all about the most amazing boots I'd ever felt. Specifically, they are breathable and anti-microbial. The liners can be easily removed and washed in a standard washing machine. They look sharp. They stay on. They absorb impact like crazy, and the material was actually developed to be used by astronauts. She even knew what size to recommend, based on my description of Izzy.

I was torn--they were amazing, but at $95-120 for a pair of open fronts...

Then she mentioned that due to the sale, if I bought them today, they'd also be 20% off.


Here they are once I got them home. So pretty.

I rounded out the trip with a pair of Back on Track socks for my husband and a pair of Super Comfort Stirrup Pads.

Total spent: Don't want to know.
Amount of fun had: Oodles.
Amount of cool stuff brought home: Tons.

I mean, here's the back of Ellie's car by the time we were done:

It was totally worth it.

For example, that super-flattering coat I was wearing yesterday in the jumping pictures? Yeah, totally from the sale.


  1. The sale was sure a lot of fun. Might I say that it was even better than pizza? But definitely more expensive.

  2. Sounds fun! Swag! Lol.

    Although, uh-oh, now you are super trendy with your T-foam boots.:-P I stay away from them (even though they do look fun) because I can be a bit anti-trendy and e.v.e.r.y.o.n.e at WEF has them!

  3. Sounds like some serious shopping. I love the boots :)

  4. Frizz--if Izzy and I are ever WEF contenders, I'll find something less trendy.

    Not holding my breathe, though.

  5. I avoided our tent sale this year. Good thing. I didn't need anything but am, like you, a sucker for a sale.

    Sounds as if you had a great time. Costly, but great!!

  6. uh oh. I just recently convinced myself that I don't need another pair of boots. Then I saw this. How are they working out for you? Are they worth giving in?

  7. They are pretty much amazing. I will have to write a review.


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