Friday, November 9, 2012

And Then There Was None

I've been complaining about how difficult it is to keep a thoroughbred looking good lately. Aside from, "let's try and pack some weight on him cuz he's thin again" problem, he has that super fine TB hair. We'd go for a light ride, even in cool weather, and his super efficient TB body would sweat.

It's too cold to hose and his hair would look terribly, plus then he'd have buildup and it is almost impossible to keep hair on this guy to begin with. The funk on his back cannons has started clearing up, but then a different kind of funk started on the back of his hind legs. Ack! There is no winning a sensitivity battle with a red tb, folks.

Yesterday, it was finally time. I busted out the big clippers (and the little clippers) and went to town. My original plan was to do a body clip and leave his legs and head to help him stay warm and maybe keep some weight on.

And then I started looking at his hind leg funk. And that stuff that always accumulates in the thick hair in a horse's forehead.

And I went, "FTS". (Um... "screw it" for the rest of you.)

Barenaked ponies
I clipped a front leg and immediately loved it. So much cleaner! Oh, and did I mention that my paddling horse completely coats his hind end in grime every time he trots in wet sand? Yeah... not sanitary. Then I went to town on his other legs, and that's where things went downhill. Being a red TB, he is as thin skinned, sensitive, and ticklish as it gets.

Oooooh boy. Probably took me an hour just to do his legs.

By the end, he just wanted me to leave and I thought we needed some time apart.

However, he looked pretty darned good. I'd like to do some cleanup on his face (almost didn't post this picture, but it's the best body shot). Otherwise, he looks most ok.

Racuna thinks you need to go away

At least, as ok as a non-drugged uber-sensitive hothouse flower can look after a go round with the big clippers.

He also debuted his sexy new winter blanket--chocolate and cream, obvs. He has a liner blanket, a neck cover, this blanket... lots of food. He'll be plenty warm and maybe, maybe I can finally get a handle of some of this weird skin stuff.

Feed this starving pony
It took more carrots than usual, but soon Cuna was back to liking me a little better. He does look profoundly goofy and I definitely miss his rich, red summer coat, but there is something pretty cute about this peanut butter brown color, too. <3


  1. He does look good! I body clipped my mare for the first time this year since we are foxhunting. The Racuna comment made me snort with laughter. LOL!!!!

  2. I'm part of the minority in that I LIKE the peanut butter color of a clipped chestnut. Always have for whatever reason. Cuna looks so handsome in his new clothes.

  3. classy blanket choice! and he looks all sporty with his fresh shave :)

  4. Love the Racuna! I hear you about the weight thing. I've finally broken down and started to add oil. We too have that sexy horse ware blanket (but in unfortunate Christmas colours). I'm pretty sure its the best TB insulator i've tried yet.

  5. Naked Matata! He looks great, if a tad grumpy, in the pics. I've been sitting on the "to-clip-or-not-to-clip" fence...

  6. You are so much braver than me. I thought about actually springing for a trace clip this year but was too nervous. Horses that are dramatically different colors between the clipped and unclipped areas just look better body clipped, IMO. He looks great! How on earth do you live in Idaho and not get that much snow or cold weather??? Do I just have this completely stereotyped idea of the northwest in my brain that is completely inaccurate because I've never been west of Minnesota before unless you count Hawaii which really doesn't count because it may as well be another country?

  7. He looks so cute! I love the raccoon pic or you could call it his racing blinker look. Regardless, he looks awesome and I wish I was brave enough to do Charlie's face - he too gets that crud on his forehead. Red horses...sigh...

  8. His new haircut looks super good on him. :)

  9. great clip job and he looks great!!! I love the dark color around his eyes- so cute!

  10. RACUNA!! I love it. Nice blanket!!

  11. I love the "FTS". That's exactly how I felt about Limerick taking an hour+ to dry, even with a trace clip, which is why I now have a hairless pony :) You were brave for doing his legs, I think limmers would have killed me! I probably should have, he gets a lot of red horse crud too. I also love the raccoon look... he's so freaking cute!!


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