Tuesday, November 20, 2012


Hello blogosphere! It's been a while. I have been riding and Cuna is doing awesome. <3 him.

I have also been writing in all my spare time, housework time, cooking time, and shopping time, so yeah... I think I have used all my words. 

I haven't jumped much lately. After watching out last round of jump videos (available here), I realized how much better our new, connected canter was. And that I needed to develop more feel for that canter. Much to the giant red bambi's chagrin, we've done a lot of flat work lately in pursuit of a better canter. Also hacking. It's probably 50/50. 

Bambi face!! 

The result? 

Oh yeah, we have slobbers today. Cuna felt amazing. Forward, bending (for him), responsive, balanced. I was able to take the most forward, engaged trot on him that I've ever gotten. What a champ! 

I'm considering making it a goal to go to a schooling dressage show next year and doing training 3 and first 1. As long as we keep hacking away at it this winter, it's totally doable. 

On the other hand, that's a lot of time in a sandbox. We'll see how it plays out. 

This enterprise supervised by corgi
Back to the writing for me! I think I can hit 50k words by tomorrow night, but there's not much break time involved. 


  1. That's our goal for next summer: first 1-3. We've got the individual movements down, but aren't quite comfortable putting it all together yet. Plus, we still can't do a stretchy trot post-canter. One day!
    P.s. I want your dog!

  2. That's a great goal. I too am thinking about becoming very dressage focused for the winter. I so far have been the 'learn enough dressage to compete at level in eventing type.' I love and respect it to the utmost I am just very uneducated in it. So your post just made me read over a 1st level tests and am happy to see we are very close to being able to do 1st level tests, that makes me happy. The only thing we have yet to learn is lengthening in the trot

  3. That's great for you and Cuna :) I absolutely love your corgi! My parents have a 16 year old Welsh Corgi and she's the best dog in the whole world!

  4. I reckon the dressage would be great for you and Cuna. :) It can be fun sometimes!! Glad you are both doing well.
    btw - I LOVE your dog.

  5. Both of your dogs are adorable. And Cuna is too of course! I think the dressage show is a great idea. I can't wait! :D Good job on Nano! I kind of wish I'd done it, but things we're so crazy I probably wouldn't have done well this year lol.


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