Thursday, January 10, 2013

Winter Shots

Alright, I know I've said over and over that the part of Idaho I live in really isn't a winter place. It snows in the morning (a couple of times a year) and it melts in the afternoon (always).

And I'm having to eat my words. We have had three different snow storms over the past week or so and we still have snow from ALL OF THEM.

I hate it. I am not a "snow and cold" person. I never have been. I doubt I ever will be. Those of you in Canada (and its' attendant misery) are laughing, but seriously.

Where is cookie?

It started out yuck.

This is from yuck round two. Cuna was not impressed.

Awesome stuff like this is happening.

This should never happen.


In fact, there were sideways icicles on the fence this afternoon that I would have taken a picture of but I was too cold to get the camera out and my phone had died of cold.

The snow. Gets on ears. Not ok.

This shot marks the last time Cuna voluntarily left his stall. The snow is now covering his run, again.


Staying in the box

This is what he does if you ask him to leave the box.

Weather not fit for Cunas.

Just keep walking.

Now he just watches me go by. If I bring peppermints, I must go in the stall to feed him. Nasty snow.

As we were wrapping things up at the barn today, I got this shot.

Still snowing. Supposed to snow all night and into tomorrow. Then temps are dropping to single digits.

This weekend=fail.

I want to go play somewhere warm.


  1. Sheesh you guys got blasted! Stay warm!

  2. He's all snuggled up back there! I have forgotten what snow is like and I'd like to keep it that way :)

  3. Come to North Carolina and show with me on Saturday... weather man says sunny and 74!

    I feel your pain, though. I grew up in Michigan and hate the cold. I hope it stops snowing soon. Stay warm!

  4. Oh, poor Cuna! I'm not a big fan of freezing cold weather either. I suppose you two could come here to thaw out. I'm in southeast Alabama where we are experiencing what has to be our weirdest winter EVER. Normal daytime temps in the winter are around 38 to 48. Sunday, it is supposed to be 78 are-you-kidding-me degrees outside (wanna piece of it?) I'm thinking of providing popsicles and some sunscreen for the horses in the pasture over the weekend. Poor guys are going to be miserable. Yeesh.

  5. Not gonna lie, I may have giggled a couple of times! :D
    Don't fret, it doesn't last forever! You may want to pick up the little heater packs for your gloves and boots you shake. They are very good and last for at least a couple hours :).

  6. Come to CA! Hawley is coming to our barn this weekend and L. Williams and Nicu and I would love to have you! :)

  7. This week we have two days (Tuesday and this coming Saturday) that topped out at 42 deg c (107.6 f) with hot yucky wind, perfect for bush fires! Would you like to swap?

  8. You did get quite a bit of snow! Smart Cuna napping in his stall. I wish I could do that on snowy days.

  9. Holy moly. Yikes. Wow. I'm so glad I live in southern California. Sending you and Cuna warm, snow-melting thoughts!!!

  10. Come on down to Florida!! Been in the eighties here!

  11. you're getting more snow than we are here in new england!

  12. Haha I do feel bad for you having to go out in the unpleasant ice; but I really enjoyed the story and pictures. :P Thanks for posting.

  13. Yuck! I hate the snow and cold too. Wish I could send you some of 70 degree weather we've got down here in GA right now!

  14. I hate the snow and cold too. 18 months in New York was enough to send me screaming back to Texas. You should come visit - high today is 74. :)

  15. He looks so adorable, all snuggled up in his stall. Feel free to send the snow my way, its all melty (and miserable) up in the Great White North.

  16. Brrr that looks freezing. Cuna looks nice and snug in his rug tho. I hate cold.

  17. Poor Cuna. His stall doesn't exactly seem designed for snow and freezing temperatures. At least he looks all snuggly in his blanket!

  18. Lots of snow...we had tonnes too. Although I am in Ontario Canada, I hate snow too. Lets pray for warm sun together!

  19. I HATE the cold!! Snow (not ice!) is okay in small amounts for very short periods of time lol. Of course then you have to deal with mud..... :/


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