Wednesday, January 23, 2013


Hellooooo out there blogosphere! I miss you all, but my life has been a bit out of control lately. Crazy adventures in the cold, and Cuna and I had a fight*.

I hope to rejoin the world on Friday and hopefully we can catch up on awesome stuff like SHOW SCHEDULES!!!! Anyone else using their cold-induced downtime to make extravagant plans?

*I bought a big bag of peppermints yesterday. We're working things out.


  1. LOL keep working on that relationship!!

    Peppermints help!

  2. Missed you too! Fight with Cuna? I don't believe it. You guys are like one of those married couples that are all like, "we never fight".

  3. I think Cuna is tired of the cold too, he tried to pick a fight with me over the speed of my hay delivery. Me: You better quit pinning your ears at me if you want this hay. Cuna: If you don't hurry I will go all Trep on your a$$. Me: Point taken, here is your hay.

  4. Peppermints make everything better. Also carrots. Mine tell me this all the time.

    Feel better soon!

  5. Uh oh a fight?! Never!!! :)

    Hope that all is going well and you aren't freezing to death!

  6. Good thing you guys are kissing and making up!

  7. I made a show schedule I will never be able to afford.

    Still fun though. A little.

  8. I'm sure Cuna appreciated the "I'm Sorry" peppermints. :)


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