Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Guest Blog

So my person comes to get me today and I'm all:
Watch it! I'm in agony.

And she's all "What's wrong Cuna?" and I'm like:
Let's play pony club. You figure it out.

And she's all, "OMG YOU HAVE A FAT LEG!!" and I'm going:
Correct. Now fix the zen master's fat leg.

She was all about jogging and prodding and getting advice and even had the nerve to make me hack around since I was "sound" and "needed to move".
But I won.

You're just jealous of my wraps, Roxie.


  1. Why are all the ponies broken?! Crazy-ness...

  2. I love his expressions. And I agree with Madeline. Why are all the ponies broken? :(

  3. You trying to pass your next Pony Club rating or what? Sorry Cuna is temporarily out of commission.

  4. Those are some pretty awesome wraps Cuna :)

  5. The third picture down cracks me up! Hope Cuna feels better!

  6. Oh no Cuna! Good thing you're so expressive so your momma knows right away when something is up!

  7. Horses... Sorry Cuna... Hope that that legs back to normal in no time!

  8. LOL! I love his expressions! I hope it heals up quickly!


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