Monday, March 18, 2013

Back at It

Back in the saddle
We're moving forward. Cuna is better in work, so we're easing back up to our normal workload.

Yesterday I set up some wee tiny jumps (cross rail and 2'6" vertical) and just practiced cantering in from a half seat. He picked all the distances and I just had to wait for him without jumping ahead.

It is kind of hilarious how much he loves to jump. If he thinks we're doing flatwork, he fusses in the contact, flips his nose about bugs, and skitters around. The moment I point him at a jump, he's forward, straight, and all business.

Today I put on dressage tack for the first time since he tied up. I wanted to see how he felt more than anything--he hasn't wanted to really sit and push off his right hind and I wanted to know if it was a pilot problem or if he was weaker.


Total pilot problem.

We had a great warmup, and then I was able to sit his trot for the rest of the ride. He reached for the contact and pushed from behind and was just delightful the whole time. You know, as delightful as a dressage-hating stiff horse can be. ;) Another rider commented on how fancy he was looking.

I am looking forward to showing him off this summer, but my car is back in the shop again (yay...), so we'll see what the finances allow. Looks like we may be having a later start than anticipated.

Honestly? As long as I can have rocking rides at home on my wonderful old man horse, I don't care. He makes every day worth it.


  1. Sounds like a great ride! Glad he is feeling back to normal!

  2. I'm so glad to hear that you guys are back at it. Yah Cuna!

  3. Yay! So glad to hear you two are back in business.

  4. Glad he's feeling back to his old self!

  5. Great to see you guys back in action!

  6. So glad that Cuna is perfectly fine after his tying up! Good to hear.

  7. Yay! Nothing like the fun stuff to perk them up! Happy to hear he's feeling like himself.

  8. Glad Cuna is back to himself!

  9. Awesome to see you back in action with Cuna super star


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