Wednesday, August 16, 2017

State of a Zoëbird

I know you're all thinking BUT WHATS ZOEBIRD DOING PRECIOUS?
ahhhh <3 so cute!

At least, you are if you're as obsessed with her as I am.

Which you shouldn't be because the Zozo Bird is a pretty rare species. #wentthere

Anyways. The answer to the very pressing question is "pretty much everything". The follow up is "in baby sized pieces". ZB shows up to work every day and has a fantastic attitude, so I don't really want to overdo anything and wreck that.
carefully selected screenshot

Right now, we're aiming for two days under saddle, then one day doing something else. One of those days is me riding. One of those days is trainer riding. The "other" day has been ground work. Or bath day. Or whatever. There is so much to work on
first soapy bath achieved!
I couldn't ask for a better lil baby mare--she approaches each challenge with her ears up and mind quiet.
She jumped her first baby crossrail (over painted planks!!) the other day. She was completely nonplussed by the whole experience. The coolest thing about Zoëbird is just how honest she is. As long as she understands, she gives each task 100% effort. 
look ears!
And it sounds weird to say this, but after a steady stream of thoroughbreds and thoroughbred crosses, I am so glad we have a trainer to work with regularly. ZB is fantastic and fun and straightforward and my whole skill set is built around a high-energy forward horse that wants to be tense through its back.

At this moment, Zoëbird swings her back more than any thoroughbred I've ever sat on. 
big trot!

So like. What comes next? We're going to find out! 

There are fun things on the horizons--I'm pulling together her first trail ride and getting ready for lessons. Photo shoots! Outfits! Show plans? IT COULD HAPPEN.
you just want to smoosh her nose. admit it.
The world is our oyster. 

Well, that or cantering.


  1. she has such a squishy lip. its funny when you get on a horse and they just naturally do the thing you spent 90% of your life TRYING to teach other horses to do

    and youre like oh god... whats the next thing we're supposed to work on? I never anticipated getting this far.

  2. It's SO nice to read your blog posts that are full of hope and happiness <3 It really just puts a HUGE smile on my face.

  3. I DO want to smoosh her nose. Very much.

    1. ha jinx Liz we posted the same time :)The same thread of thought too:)

  4. I DO want to smooch her nose and bad. Might have to facetime Zoe in near future :) HA! I love love love all the updates. So exciting and fun!!

  5. I really want to play with the Zoe Bird!

  6. So glad she's working out and you're having fun with her!

  7. Loving all these happy updates! So glad you've found each other :)

  8. Long time reader...maybe first time posting. Just want to say congrats. She looks really really special! Yay for taking things slow! So excited to read about your new partnership!

  9. mmmmm oysters :D how exciting!

    1. hahaha possibly you sound way too excited about sea bugs.

  10. Zoebird! She is adorable. She and June MUST MEET.


      (that's the date, right?)


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