Tuesday, January 2, 2018

2018 Goals

I'm having a hard time setting goals with Zoe, just because the whole plan with her is to have fun, which I am already doing. She's so easy going. She's fun to take places. She'd be an easy one to get stuck in a performance rut with just because she doesn't tell me no.

But why waste all that fun and try in the sandbox? This year, I want to focus on creating a well-rounded equine citizen with a lot of different life experiences.

Zoe Goals

1) Show unrecognized training level dressage.

I think paying for recognized training level is a little silly. Zoe isn't going to be competitive with fancy, big-moving warmbloods who are also good at steering. However, I want to get out and help her learn the game with a view of showing recognized in 2019.

2) Get exposure to XC elements ditches/banks/water.

I don't know if I want to event. I don't know if I think Zoe is mentally/physically ready to jump with a rider up.


I think getting early exposure to these basic elements is critical to developing a solid citizen. Plus water is just fun.

3) Go trail riding with friends three times.

I've already got tentative plans with Nadia and I want to see if Roxie's mom and I can make something happen. I have local friends who trail ride. I love getting out in the mountains and I have a horse who can make it happen. Let's do it.

4) Develop ZB management plan with vet/BO for long term health.

Zoe is fit and fabulous, but she's a whole different type of creature for me and I want to work with the team of professionals I have on hand to make sure I'm giving her absolutely the best life possible.

Horse Goals

5) Focus on outings that are fun.

Outings with Courage were so hit and miss that I have kind of a lot of anxiety about hauling places. I want to sign up for things that sound fun and then have fun and drop kick this stupid demon.

6) Identify (and participate?) in non-sporthorse events of some stripe.

I'm not quite sure what this is going to be. There are some local ranch clinics I've been itching to try. A cool local NH type trainer runs an equine kindergarten and I'd like to work with him. Mounted shooting sounds cool. I mean. Guys. I have a purpose-bred ranch horse. LETS DO THE THING. (Plus I don't have a western saddle. Shopping? MAYBE.)

7) Attend 3 different types of equestrian competition.

It's a big horse world. I'm pretty familiar with my side of it, but I want to see what else is out there.

Personal Goals

8) TRAIN FOR and run another half marathon

I've already picked my race and enlisted a running buddy. (RIGHT RENA?) I want to seriously pursue this, beat my time from last year, and become a fitter/better partner for Zoe.

9) Say yes to new adventures.

I'm the worst about being stuck in my own stupid rut. I live in a cool place surrounded by cool people and I want to explore the possibilities.

Stretch Goal

10) Expand a creative outlet.

I'm not sure what this means right now. I want to pick up something I'm passionate about and become better at it. That might mean finding a new hobby. It might be finishing writing a book. Getting an actual camera and picking up photography?

I'm not really sure, but I'm hoping #9 helps build into a solid #10 and I'm excited to see what it ends up being.

There you go. 10 tidy, defined goals. Let's see what happens.


  1. Love these goals šŸ˜ all totes attainable with the fabulous ZB! Cannot wait to follow along on your adventures in 2018!

  2. Can't wait to see what you and ZB accomplish this year!

    1. Goal: get a trailer and go to t’s magical fairy palace might be next year.

  3. These are wonderful goals. I see no reason why you and ZB can't get out and do all the things. :) See if you can find a trail obstacle clinic. I bet that she's rock it.

  4. #zoegoals#1= have fun. DONE DONE DONE DONE :) Love all your goals and can't wait to follow along :)

  5. Love these! With a horse as cool as Zoe, I'm sure you'll knock these out of the park!

  6. I love these goals! Yours sound a lot like mine. Basically: get out, do stuff and have fun!

  7. I love your goals! Especially when you get to check FUN off every single time:)

    1. Right? I’m actually pretty excited about all of them. Goal: enjoy pony.

  8. ooooh exciting about experimenting with different disciplines and types of events!! that's something i honestly kinda regret not doing more of with izzy! i'm with ya too on wanting "yes" to be a bit more of a default response, instead of my current knee-jerk reaction of rationalizing saying "no" to so many things.... good luck in 2018!!! i'm excited to see where you and ZB go!

    1. I’ve always ad urged people who were well rounded with their horses. Now I have the perfect horse to attack that with.

  9. I love that you want to try all the things! I think miss ZB is the perfect partner for you to do that with too :) Can't wait to follow along!

  10. Doable!!! Can’t wait to see how #10 turns out!! I think recognizes showing is for the birds (and by birds I mean the uber rich), it’s so stupid expensive! I’ll be showing unrecognized too this year I’m sure.

    1. I mean, 10/10 I want giant ribbons, but that might not be a this year kind of goal. We’ll get there.

  11. I love these! I always had a really tough time setting goals when I had a young green pony so I feel your pain. I really like how you structured these and can't wait to see these things on your blog :)

  12. Great goals! Looking forward to watching you work towards them... and to more Zoe updates with great photos :)

  13. Just as a recommendation here for something new to try, but wasn't ZB started in driving??? It Is hella wicked FUN!!! If you couldn't do it with her, maybe volunteer at a driving event or maybe you could hop on one of the carts as a 'gator.

    The ADS website and calendar would surely have something listed in your area. If you end up doing it- think of all of the Shopping.... LOL!

    1. Oh that is a good idea. I’m pretty sure there’s a big driving show here in the summer. I’ll look into it!

  14. Water IS fun. And so many other disciplines exist to play within. I love your goals.


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