Tuesday, January 23, 2018

Smoosh Champion!

I try not to be THAT BLOG where everything is always roses and there are never any struggles and it's magic land where everything just works all the time and the toilet has probably never even backed up at an inconvenient time (real question: is there a convenient time for the toilet to back up? even if the plumber is there. do you want him to see your poop?).
sunsets ftw

But you guys.


Have you met my baby mare?

She's cuter than shit. Can't even with how cute she is.

And then like.
w/t transition champion

Ugh she's the goddamn coolest horse to ride. She shows up to work every single day. Her answer to every question is HOKAY MOM ILL TRY. She's honest and sassy and fun. If she knows the answer, she does it the best she possibly can. If she thinks she knows, she gives this adorable little ear pin/head twist like U WANT THIS and gives it a shot.

As long as I'm fair to her, she gives 110% every. single. day.
first ride in an english saddle since a wreck? HOKAY I B PERFIKT

All of that is awesome. She may not know a lot, but she makes every ride worthwhile.

See and then I get off her.
sorry/not sorry that my barn crew is this cute

And you know what?

She is just as much fun on the ground.

I love her boldness and curiosity. No timid spooking here--she marches right up to unusual occurrences and sticks her smooshy nose right in the middle of things to see what's going on. She's never met a stranger. She's not afraid of anything. She's super smart and she thinks about things without ever getting panicked.
time to go #Zoesploring

It's not that she's some paragon of perfection who's schooling third and I'm over here shopping for a double bridle. She's a baby. The steering is getting pretty good and now we work on complicated things like doing up/down transitions without hollowing and collapsing. She's not on the bit. She's not inside-rein-to-outside-leg.
oh and lunging her in a flat halter is fine

She is fun every single day.

What else could I ask for?


  1. Fun is the best. If you aren’t having fun what is the point? Love the ZB 💜

  2. posts like this make me wish you were closer - so we could go on trailrides!!!

  3. You aren't THAT BLOG at all. You've been through a lot, and have found the perfect ZB for you. It doesn't mean that she doesn't have her own struggles to get through. It just means you two are getting a great relationship #Zoechillin your way through things!

  4. so many folks get so preoccupied with looking for outrageous talent or athleticism or upper level potential or whatever that they forget just how joyful it can be to just chip away at small, meaningful progress, day after day, with a horse who is so much fun to hang out with and work with. i'm so glad you finally have this horse who is making every step along the way FUN!!

    1. She makes every day worth it. Definitely a game changer.

  5. Um... who cares if it IS all rainbows and butterflies. After some of your past stuff, you deserve it! I heart reading all the Zoe goodness!

  6. There is nothing wrong with rainbows and puppies. She's a perfect match for you and I love reading about it.

  7. Having a young, green on really changes your perspective, and honestly, even though you're having challenges, you're ENJOYING working through them, which is rainbows and puppies... AND WE LOVE IT!

  8. Having fun is priority #1, and you two are definitely knocking it out of the park!

  9. Fun is absolutely the best and exactly why I love riding. Getting Katai was such an eye opener to me too, like oooooh, this is why I'm doing this again. She is also not fancy but has gotten fancier and fancier with more training. Mostly though she has a good mind (at least until we trailer off property but we're working on that ;)

    1. I still have to pinch myself. Like. Omg. How is this real life?

  10. I think you must make more ZBs for the rest of us. Getting in line. Mmmkay?

  11. I am so very jealous. I am ready for a horse like this to call my own...


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