Thursday, March 1, 2018

30 Things Blog Hop

Thanks to Amanda for starting, Liz for making it cool, Leah for forcing me to brainstorm, T for 100% agreeing that publishing lists on the internet is ill-advised, and all of the above for being awesome anyways.
why yes i did order this

Without further ago, here are 30 indispensable facts about me that you were definitely dying to know.

1) I am deeply suspicious of lists that reveal personal information on the internet.

2) I've read War and Peace for fun. Twice. And Moby Dick. And Atlas Shrugged is next on my list because of Jen. (See also: nerd.)

3) If I had my life to do over, I'd be a professor at a university or a heavy equipment mechanic, with job prospects, job security, and pay grade inclining me towards the latter.
meet dik dik jesus

4) I hate fish. Alive. Dead. All of them. 

5) I never wanted to be a vet.

6) I never wanted to be a horse trainer. 
wish i'd trained her to do this

7) I was a ballroom dancer in college. Still miss it.

8 )  If you think horse people have drama, you haven't met dancers. 

9) I've never played an organized team sport in my life.

10) I've always wanted to win a belt buckle but never participated in a sport that dispensed them. 
me RN

11) I think pie is overrated.

12) Same with cake.

13) I once made my own costume to go to a fantasy movie premier. There are pictures. 
guess that might not surprise you

14) My first car was the same age as me.

15) I like to drive down roads just to see where they go.

16) My favorite music is female-fronted symphonic euro-metal. 

17) I don't read non-fiction.
31. my favorite animal is dik diks

18) I love cheese and pasta.

19) I got married so young people thought I was in a weird cult.

20) I didn't join a weird cult until much later.
pictured: the cult as dik diks

21) I don't read horse blog posts about dogs. But I do like dogs.

22) I actually don't like cats.

23) Cats also don't like me.

24) I always hated teeny dogs until I got one and now I'm obsessed with him.
no one can even in the face of Teeny

25) I rarely read books written in the last century. That's how you can be sure all the shitty ones got filtered out.

26) I rarely watch tv that's more than a couple years old because I want to be entertained RIGHT NOW and have no patience.

27) I hate watching videos. I'm a fast reader. Don't waste my time.
i am one self important dik dik

28) I delete more friends than i add on Facebook, but consider myself relatively extroverted. Relatively is probably a key term here.
32) and i regularly consider changing this gerenuk to my profile pic
29) The only constellation I can pick out on a regular basis is Orion. Sometimes the big dipper, but I always see Orion first.

30) I live 30 minutes from a ski resort and don't ski. I mean, I did ski a couple times, but there are only so many dangerous, time consuming, expensive hobbies a girl can have.
ZB conquers all


  1. Hmmm I'm not nearly as cool as you so I don't think my list will come back to haunt me with my pets name, birthdate, and mother's maiden name.

    1. Hahaha right? I believe my direct quote was "0/10 WILL NOT PARTICIPATE" and here I am.

  2. i love how grumpy you are about doing this list but did it anyway

    dikdik jesus is life

  3. Dikdiks definitely don't get enough love. So glad they've got center stage here.

    And I don't doubt the drama in dancer circles! I think it's so cool you used to do ballroom dancing!!

    1. Sadly the dancing days were before the proliferation of smartphones and quality phone cameras, so the media evidence is limited. :-(

  4. I also always see Orion first! I never wanted to be a vet or trainer either... Ammie status forever.

  5. You had me at pie is overrated and then you became dead to me when you included cake in the same category.

    1. I grant you that the berry chantilly cake from the Whole Foods dessert counter is divine. Dik dik jesus probably blessed it.

  6. I learned a lot here. Some about you, mostly about dik diks. I've never heard of them before! **hides face in shame**

  7. I'm going to be real upset if you think beef jerky is overrated.

    1. My two main food groups are beef jerky and coffee. ;-) We're good.

  8. But do you feel that pasta and cheese go together, ie mac-and-cheese? This is important information that was not covered.

    1. Oh god. I could write a dissertation on the proper applications of cheese and pasta.

      See, I make KICK ASS homemade mac and cheese, both with chicken and bacon and without.

      But sometimes I just super want the box mix.

      I also make KILLER fettuccine alfredo from scratch buuuuut sometimes I just get the premade sauce and call it a day.

      Lazy days mean literally shredded cheese (extra sharp cheddar plz) on top of hot pasta.

      We haven't even addressed lasagna yet.

      I should probably stop. I have a lot of opinions on pasta. And cheese.

  9. Glad you finally got on board 😂😆

  10. Dik diks! And lol, I almost bought that mug too

  11. Replies
    1. He liked Leah better tho and she's deathly allergic.

  12. Replies
    1. I'm such a convert.

      Tho I'm also a corgi fanatic. AND BUTTONS.

  13. No list is complete without dikdiks.


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