Monday, March 12, 2018

I Pay A Trainer and I Like It

I am totally "that amateur" right now. My trainer rides my horse. I'm not there for it. I don't know what they do unless I ask (I don't require neurotic updates since I don't actually think my horse will kill said trainer). I barely know what she eats. I don't document every detail of every day and track patterns and obsess over every moment.

When I go to the barn, I mess around. I don't even always hold on to the reins.

I spend a lot more time toodling and feeding treats and watching ZB knock shit down than actually "training".
can you even? you cannot.
Part of me justifies it by saying I don't want to fry Zoe or push her too hard. She's still a growing baby and no one wins if she thinks work hurts.

Even when I have grand illusions of showing up and like "training" or something, I'm easily sidetracked by finding a western saddle that actually fits my 55 gallon drum of a horse and then staging "Old West" looking photos in the dressage arena. (Note to self: walk 100' to the sagebrush next time you're in this mood.)
Needs windmill 
Like right now--the biggest thing Zoe is struggling with is body awareness.

I haven't started her in a 12 step program. We aren't obsessing over cavaletti and jumping small fences and whatever. I'm not freaking out at all. At. All. 

We're planning to do a bunch of trail riding this summer. 

I figure that will help her. 
photo by Courage Has Opinions
I did actually get my rear in gear and "do dressage" one day this weekend. 
omg baby mare!
Let me tell you something. 
um hellooooo
Being "that amateur" is freaking awesome. 

Her good moments are lovely. Her bad moments are sane. I get to enjoy the progress right now without being the one putting in long hours in the irons.

It's hard to explain. After 4 years of having to read every muscle twitch and ride every day and be on my A game for every moment, it is unbelievably relaxing to just... not.
hair goals
Every day, Zoebird is the horse I always wanted. She takes the stress out of horsemanship. 


  1. Ahhhhhh! You guys look great! BTW, I wish I could sit as tall as you in the saddle, so jealous! Also, I love the no shame in your game.

    1. Ha different strokes for different folks. ZB makes it easy.

  2. man her trot is getting so much more balanced.

  3. Looking great! Glad you've found your bliss.

  4. I always was all, "I can do this myself, who needs a trainer!." But now? I'm more with you on this now. It was a lot easier when I didn't have real responsibilities to deal with in addition to training horses. My baby horse lives with trainer and it's going much better than if he lived with me.

    1. There's a time and a place for a lot of things. I definitely used to be more concerned about doing all my own work.

  5. Trainer rides are the best. I didn't always think so, but now I LOVE them.

  6. I dream of this life. I am so beyond thrilled for you :)

  7. Long time lurker here but I had to comment because I identify with this so hard right now. I sent baby horse off to the trainer and it is SO NICE to not be the one riding her through her nappy baby moments like I have done with previous horses. Maybe it’s because I’m getting older (wiser? Can we hope??) or because of the kids... either way, trainers for the win 🙌🏻

    Also. ZB is too much. Too much squish to handle in one package. Enjoying following along with y’alls journey!

    1. Aw thanks for saying hi!

      I've always done so much of my own work with horses, but the peace of mind chasing other goals while knowing she's in good hands is invaluable to me right now. :-)

  8. It sounds like a pretty freaking fantastic life to me. Horses should be FUN and it sounds like you're acing that aspect of it all. I continue to smile real big every time I read these happy posts from you. I'm so thrilled you've found your dream horse.

  9. You two look so well matched in the video (and I don't just mean the outfit!)

  10. You both look so happy and relaxed whether you're doing fancy dressage or just chilling bareback! I can relate in that I got burnt out from riding trying to force something that just wasn't right at the time and I agree that I never want to put that much pressure on myself again. Riding and horses need to be fun!

    1. Yup definitely. My goals have evolved and I'm so lucky to have such a lovely lady to evolve with.


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