Thursday, June 6, 2019

Horse Pictures Everywhere

Deep breath. Here goes "ammy horse ownership, round 347". 
I was kinda coasting along with training rides and not going to the barn, but as discussed, that got prohibitively expensive and then the whole lease option did not pan out.

The current plan is that I'll just create time in my schedule to ride 3x a week.

Yes by magic.

JK. I'm working with a supportive SO and a constant level of high-functioning anxiety, coupled with a lucky break about not having to travel for work as much lately.
Straight up, I cannot (CANNOT) do the 6-7x a week rides and lessons and shows and clinics and all the shit I used to. It's just not a thing. I also cannot spend $$$ to buy custom Ottos from Germany tho my strong suit has always been bargain hunting and my weakness has always been collecting horse shit.


We're finding a new normal.

I picked three days a week to make an appearance.

I have a fantastic barn buddy who can meet me out there more often than not to help motivate both of us.

I'm mixing it up. We jumped for the first time the other day. Zoe LOVED it. LOVED. Like. Forward going. Taking me to the fences. So honest. So adorbs.

Seriously guys. This mare. If I had any other horse right now, I'd just admit the timing in life is bad right now and I can't do it all, but she's the once in a lifetime sort of horse that literally makes everything easy, so here we are.
oh hi jumping position. cool you're still around.
I've been playing in the jump saddle because I feel more successful that way and less like an abject failure. (Dressage is brutal, ok?) Today I threw the dressage saddle on to see if my sad, non-existent riding muscles wanted a workout. 

Fun fact: I actually rode better than expected.
lil baby mare starting to grow up
That's not to say it was great, but more that I was pleasantly surprised by my ability to stay balanced and hold my position and ride accurately based on a decent baseline level of fitness, even though said fitness is not from riding horses. 

It's all a work in progress. 

I literally couldn't be getting through it with a better mare and hey, any day that ends like this:
Really can't be all bad. 

My phone is full of horse pictures again.


  1. Life has seasons. The constant for me has always been my love of horses... no matter what, in whatever form I can get them. Zoebird sounds like she's the perfect partner for all the seasons in your life <3

  2. I agree with Tracy. Life has seasons and it really doesn't matter if you do all the things. What matters is whether it's joyful.

  3. This horse brings you joy on 3 days a week, so in my opinion, 3 days a week is the perfect amount of time to ride right now.

  4. Glad you are enjoying your time in the saddle again!

  5. Big smile over here! Glad you are having fun with ZB again!

  6. ok i'm officially jealous that your jumping position gathered apparently zero dust LOL

  7. Isn't it nice when you haven't done things in a while and you're able to come back and do them again like you had never stopped?

  8. Zoe is such a good girl, but YOU have set her up for success! Even in low-participation mode you were still doing the best for her you could.


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