Thursday, July 2, 2009


It's nice when I can actually see progress. Izzy didn't want to work hard this morning, but again, I was using what we worked on in our lesson and it went well. She resisted a little bit by trying to not go forward, but eventually, we did trot.

Also, the gnats have been bothering her when we ride, so today, I got her a cool little ear net thing to wear. She'll look like a big, fancy show jumper, except for the part about being trained. I also ordered a brass nameplate for the back of my saddle, to cover the part where someone else used to have one. We're getting all classy.

On top of all that, another boarder offered to give me a pair of black beeches. I'm kind of excited... I've never had any color other than tan. Oh, and Michelle and I are going to get our ponies all cleaned up and take pictures tomorrow. Watch for those when I get access to a computer again. I haven't replaced the power cord on my laptop since my beagle at it a few months ago.

1 comment:

  1. Those ear nets are a good thing when the bugs are biting - much better than the poor horse being tormented.


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