Friday, November 11, 2011

A Day for the History Books

Y'all are familiar with Izzy, my super-alpha-bitch mare. She doesn't always play nice with others.

She has grown up a lot in the last year, but I think today she proved just how different a horse she is now.

Since we only have one large pasture to turn out in, the horses go out in sets. Due to her reputation as a hussy, no one was excited about her going with geldings and the only other mare is a confirmed mega bitch who must go out alone.

Enter Tatiana, Steph's new upper-level prospect. She's an 11 year old Dutch warmblood who currently runs around prelim.

I like her.

Yesterday, she an Izzy were grazed together to see if they would get along. They did. Then they got turned out together and had a ball.

Today, it was my job to turn them out together. The logistics of the barn demand that you make all trips as efficient as possible--it's about a half mile (I think) from the barn to the pasture and takes about 10 minutes round trip to walk briskly.

Sooooo. I brought Izzy to the main barn, crosstied her, got Ms Tatiana out, unclipped Izzy...

and I lead them to the pasture.

That's right, folks. A half mile. Two mares. One handler. Not a pinned ear between them.

Off they go! When I left, they were cozied up next to each other at the bottom of the pasture, grazing with their muzzles almost touching.


Izzy made a friend.

It's 11/11/11 and Vetran's Day. Go hug someone. Izzy did already.


  1. My mare doesn't make friends either. She did once though. Cutest thing ever :)

  2. :) Aweeeeeeee so cute! I always think my mare is starting to make friends... But then she turns on every single horse who gets w/i a 5 ft radius of her and spins and bam bam bam... :P That horse better get out of the way of those hooves. At least she doesn't needs shoes. :P Thank God.

  3. What a good girl! Just makes you feel better knowing she has a friend, doesn't it?

  4. How cool is that? Love it when the horses get along.

    Sometimes too, when they are particularly happy in a home--well fed, secure, etc.--there is less rivalry and more possibility of good socializing. May be the new barn has something to do with it.

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