Friday, November 4, 2011

New Toys!!

Since I am a consummate tack whore, when I found out Izzy would be moving into a fancy barn with an actual trainer, I promptly bought her a crapload of stuff. Some of it you've already seen... I think... Anyways, more cool stuff showed up yesterday.

Check this hotness out. Perhaps not the most flattering shot of Izzy ever, but this is her spiffy new "grown up" halter from Danzig Brothers. It's thick, supple leather that's super nice quality and it came with her name on it. So nice.

You should notice the lovely English chin. Mmhmm, no more nasty crap adjustable chins for me! It fits her exactly how I like it and looks stunning, if I do say so myself.

As much as I love the halter, I also wanted to go for a ride before it started snowing. Fun fact about having her in the mountains: I can watch all the nasty storm clouds build up in the valley below before they start rolling in.

Izzy was most excellent. I keep expecting her to do something stupid, and she's just stellar. Two things about riding today:

1) I'd been putting off riding in the jump tack because I'm just way more comfortable and secure in my dressage saddle, and I wanted to be ready for when she tried something. Oddly, when I got on today, I felt just as connected and secure as I do in dressage. So. Weird. I mean, normal for good riders, but weird for me. I'd argue it's because we're working with a trainer now, but she's left for Galway before Izzy showed up.

2) We completely ignored all the fun lateral work I was doing in dressage and just went forward. To get Izzy relaxed and focused, we did canter figure eights with halts in the center to change the lead. Yes, I mean canter/halt/canter transitions. They're not perfect, but she was doing them with just a stride or two of trot, and then when I asked, she NAILED a simple change with one trot stride. I know it's not really eventer-kosher to have flying changes before you need them in dressage, but dammit I want them. We'll get there.

Pony mare wants changes too. DRAMA!

Ok, back to tack whoring: here's Izzy's getup today. Notice anything?

Like the absence of a horrid fleece girth?

Oh yeah, we did get a super pretty new fancy stitch leather girth. It may be a smartpak cheapie, but it looks way classy and I love it. Plus, it just cleans right up. No washing required (die fleece die!!).

Plus Izzy is still looking fab. This is pre-clip, too.

The whole get up for today. No warnings about dropping reins and walking away--we are in an enclosed arena with the gate shut. I mean, yeah, she could jump out, but she's never been that motivated before.

Anyways. My tack is spotlessly clean. My horse looks amazing. If I were I person other than me, I'd be completely jealous of me.

This is actually not new, but here Izzy's rocking her fancy cooler. Good thing I bought one last year so I didn't have to this year, right? (Of course I'm not considering getting another one. You must be thinking of someone else.)

And another shot of the wondermare wearing both halter and cooler.


  1. She looks so fancy!!! and adorable. love it.

  2. You made me laugh with all your tack musings. Is that an Amigo cooler? I was just eyeing them. So pretty.

  3. Val--that is totally an amigo cooler. I saw the horse in the catalog wearing it and I was like "omg perfect for Izzy!!" I drooled for a couple months, then bought it on clearance, I think. Super nice.

  4. "If I were I person other than me, I'd be completely jealous of me."


  5. I love the halter. Dangit, now I have "one of those halters" on my wishlist!!

    Along with SO MUCH ELSE. And SO LITTLE MONEY. ;)

  6. That's fun stuff! For a minute there I thought you were abandoning the new stuff and going to talk about riding. Glad that sorted itself out. We can talk riding any time, new stuff is ....well, NEW STUFF!

  7. ROFL, you are nutballz, it makes me laugh. Well, I guess if the horse thing doesn't work out, you can sell all your tack and buy an island, hahahhaha!

  8. I LOVE Izzy's new halter. So stylish.
    Only the best for your girl ay :)

  9. That is a nice halter!

    What kind of bit is that that you have her in there? I feel like I constantly play with bits but haven't found one Don really likes yet, so curiosity prompts me to ask.

  10. Haha I second eventer79, nutballz!

  11. Pretty spiffy. She looks all grown up.

  12. I love the new tack and halter! Yesss, I love fancy show halters as well. :) However, I've only ever found ONE halter that actually fits my mare... Silly pony. She has an abnormally hugeee cheekbone. The Dover breakaway halter is the only one that fits. :P
    I love you blog! Come check mine out at :)

  13. Love everything about this post. I remember when I could do figure eights at the canter with Chamie with a mere one trot stride to change leads, sigh. Perhaps Miles can live up to her soon:)
    Love the halter, love the cooler. If ever someone was meant to host some kind of equine couture show, it's you my dear.


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